The fate of the 8-liter El Camino Street Outlaws of the show

Regular viewers reality show Street Outlaws is the El Camino is well known. He is known in the amateur racing environment. Meanwhile, this machine has its own, to a certain extent a tragic story.
Today this Chevrolet El Camino owns Chris Day nicknamed «Kamikaze»(KamiKaze), which starts regularly in all kinds of races and appearing on screens in the transfer Street Outlaws. But I built this machine, and then successfully performed her Tyler «Flip» Priddy, a few years ago who died tragically. No, Tyler's death is not related to motor racing — an accident at careless handling of weapons, although the press speculated with suicide version...

Home unpretentious way a thunderstorm «strip»

For most of Priddy, who just turned 31 years old, I was associated with this machine. So much so that even his gravestone is decorated with a picture of his pet...

Tyler had a lot of friends. With Chris, they had known each other since childhood, whereas in adulthood his closest friend Justin Shearer became nicknamed the «Big Chief» (Big Chief). It moved him to El Camino Priddy after death. However, knowing the passion to Dey dregovym races, Shearer suggested that he pick up the car. «Kamikaze» did not have to ask twice — he was happy to «adopt» El Camino, so that the memory of his friend, is to continue to act on it, both on the drag strip, and on television...
Meanwhile, this machine, almost immediately received the nickname Elco, really became the heroine of many stories. Sometimes anecdotal and sometimes envious, especially from opponents, which was ahead of her first Priddy, and now it does Day.

First you need to say that we are talking about Chevrolet El Camino 1981, with the well-known in the circles dregovyh G-chassis. This fan of this model immediately objected — this chassis based El Camino beginning with 1982, and had several other fronts. And he will be right. Apparently, the first owner was aware that for the drag strip him still more fit much more progressive chassis, but he, like most obviously did not like the «Four-», but still too rectangular-square front of the fifth (and the last) generation El Camino.

Priddy is built 81'El Camino, with the original front of the first fifth-generation machines of the late 70's, however, based on the G-chassis.
One can not say that youth Tyler was a humble man, a simple working first as a storekeeper and then manager at the Caterpillar construction equipment dealer. Therefore, it is clear that large, but rather any, of funds for his hobby — drag racing, from Priddy simply did not exist. However, he had the desire and hands. His first car was dregovym Mustang, but soon he was replaced by El Camino.
Interestingly, at the same time, the car has received «The Slut» nickname. No, in this case it was not a woman to a certain behavior, but the first sense of the word — "slut", "slut." The reason for this nickname is obvious — with no means, Tyler used in the construction of the set of his ElCo beushu-shnyh parts, which often remained after repair cars of his friends...

Naturally, a presentable kind of her new friend Tyler and did not think. Even after becoming a kind of TV star, Elco is still different from the majority of his colleagues "the shop" sloppy kind, patches, spilled silicone slots to show through in some places through the painting traces of resin and polymer fibers in the "automotive body."
However, on the drag strip it is important not to look, but to get on the TV show, with the Flip ElCo beat a lot of opponents, continuing to do it then and "the camera". This pair has become a kind of pioneering reality show, becoming regulars just in the debut season of acquiring fame loud, sloppy reprehensible, but quick as a "hellish wheel" car...

However, painted satin black, one hand hiding her "nekrasoty", and the other in his own awesome, Elco has helped to win on this event, first Tyler, and now Chris, plunging much more glossy rivals, which their owners have invested many tens or even hundreds of thousands "of dollars." So what's hiding under that unsightly "body"?

Its powerful stuffing...

The driving force ElCo is «big-block» working volume of himself, Chris says, «about 500 cubes» — in other words more than 8 liters! Here it is necessary to make a reservation — Day keeps secret the basic technical characteristics of the machine, not even divulging the working volume or power! However, the main alterations and components that help to win, and not even known hidden from view...

In reality, taking ElCo at Shearer, despite the best intentions of light, overwhelmed with emotion, Chris more than a year could not touch it. However, time has passed, and when he took her «canvas», ElCo wound up with the first press of the starter button! Day found it a real sign that told him that it is necessary to continue the path of the car, started by his friend Tyler Priddy.
The first test drive on a public road ended in that jammed one of the brake calipers on the rear wheel, causing it even caught fire. But after a little reconditioning throughout the week, Chris brought ElCo on a gun carriage to one of the races in Louisiana. And here it is fully confirmed his nickname «kamikaze» — the first run was marked by incredible «Willy», however, it brought a landslide victory...

The machine required work, and Day decided not to change its image, deliberately leaving it the same «slut»... Part of the issue is not just about image.
Like his friend, Chris is an exemplary family man, working day hands on his small business repair and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. Almost all of the earnings go to the family and children, and that's when they go to bed, «Kamikaze» quietly sent to the garage, to the detriment of sleep almost every night, for hours, paying attention to Elco. A constant competition and mean failure, requiring sometimes quite serious repair...

The only visible change was the appearance of the outside in the front wings of predatory short stacks «zumi» — two rows of incredibly short exhaust pipe periodically starts spewing flames, which could be the envy of a dragon... In fact the engine was moved to a specialized office Kincaid Racing Engines.

They found in this squandering of «big-block» lightweight piston Wiseco, whereas in the timing used items from Crower and Pac. The main engine was rebuilt with a modern carburetor Injector with electronic control.

Used Injector Fuel Injector Development, they run the «brains» Haltech EFI system, the setting of which «kamikaze» helped the guys from the EFI Univesity. The same system is also responsible for nitrous oxide.

Not hard to guess that with more than 8 liters of volume, a major revision of the motor, and even «Nitros», its peak power passes far beyond the 500 hp, while torque is at all likely surpasses 1000 nm. Again, we can only lament that «kamikaze» did not want to disclose the real figures... To cope with such power, it must comply with the rest of the parts of the machine.

... And its attendant unimportant nodes

The above the G platform, which concern GM used 10 years, since 1978, the year on different machines, including many of the «charged», including not only the El Camino (as standard the largest of its engine was the 5.7-liter «smol- block », developed only 170 hp) and 442 and Oldsmobile, and Oldsmobile Cutlass, Chevrolet Monte Carlo Pontiac Grand Prix, in dregovyh circles has spawned the term«G-body Shuffle». Voluntarily it can be translated as «twisting ass a la G». (G platform is still quite popular for the construction of dregovyh machines). This expression came from the fact that immediately after the start of the acceleration of the machine back makes the characteristic movements from side to side. The reason for this is characteristic of the rear suspension, which adds comfort in daily driving, at the same time, giving the «unforgettable» moments when you start to drag strip...
Due to the high loads on startup «triangular» four-link suspension leads to an uneven distribution of torque to the drive wheels, and that becomes the cause of such behavior is not obliging machines built on G-chassis. This feature puts special demands on the front suspension, as well as its setting in general. Therefore, after the engine Chris took the «down» ElCo, so that when it starts to somehow preserve the straightness of motion...
Without becoming invent the wheel, «Kamikaze» has addressed to experts from Autofab Race Cars. From pipes with chrome and molybdenum alloy steel was welded entirely new powerful front subframe.

Get it from the distant Maryland, where is this company, with the help of Dan Woods Shelmana his friend, every day working in L & S Fabrication, personally installed the subframe to the chassis directly in the garage of Chris.
At the same time, taking into account the increase in weight «due to» a powerful new node, they decided to compensate for this weight gain... throwing a radiator as a phenomenon! Now, the engine is cooled with ice water, shakes a special pump from the reservoir, located in the back!

In order to combat weight of the machine is also used Lexan glazing.
As to the actual suspension and transmission, then all is more prosaic and still enough budget. Familiar to dregovyh PPC machines Powerglide transmits torque to the 9-inch bridge, which is still attached to the most notorious «triangle» 4 hrychazhnuyu suspension. Adjustable «shocks» from PAC QA1 springs are mounted on all four corners.

Rear mounted baggy dregovye Hoosier slicks 29.5H10.5 that front are assisted «thin persons» the same brand.

P.S. image or nothing!

Nevertheless, even with the all-new front end, in reality due to the drain rear axle, G-Shuffle is still here. However, Chris is the other way around like it! As witnesses say — each his start to the other called «neural adventure.» On this occasion, «Kamikaze» as Tyler, using «ping» —bulavku one bonnet lock, laughing: «... as long as we have not overcome the flames, everything is OK...»

Then he added seriously that the main popular Elco, in that it gives confidence to all those who have very little money, free time and, most importantly, the desire. Seeing her still unsightly view they are aware that one can in his garage to collect a similar machine for drag.

However, this sloppiness and unpretentious-looking satin paint, but still often flaunts her background was a different shade beushnye wings black ElCo give that same kind of «sheep», but still with a battered wool. In reality it is still the wolf, not once, not twice scarred and ravaged by half a million Pro Mod...

Naturally, also in view of the ongoing publicity of this machine thanks to the show Street Owtlaws, she appeared as an army of fans, spiteful critics and envious. It is partly because of them, Chris does not want to talk about power while hiding a lot of «structural» information, saying: «there is sufficient capacity to properly annoy many...»

But, the main goal was achieved. ElCo become a real landmark for Tyler Priddy that each time out on the drag strip with it, with each of its «Willy», inspiring the construction of such a low-budget machines more true enthusiasts of speed and mechanics...

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