Verstappen won a sensational victory

18-year-old Dutchman won the Spanish Grand Prix and became the youngest driver to win the stage, «Formula 1» in the history of its implementation. This record is unlikely ever to be broken.
Russian fans achievement Max Verstappen is not very happy, because he got behind the wheel of his Red Bull, just «selected» in Daniel Kvyat. At the end of the Russian Grand Prix to everyone's surprise — even to himself — ufimets lost his place in the Red Bull Racing and was transferred to Scuderia Toro Rosso in place Verstappen and Max, in turn, got a seat Kvyat.

Moreover, if the original management team eludes the answer to what kind of life riders swapped, then a little later, it became known — Verstappen came in the Red Bull is very long and Kvyat chance to return to the first team of «bulls» are not very high...
That is why Daniel fans with special excitement waiting for the Spanish Grand Prix. How to behave Kvyat? Will he be able to come and give a good result? It will show the Russians that the leadership of Red Bull made a mistake?

And, of course, can not escape from the questions to the upstart rookie. Is he as good as bosses believe Red Bull? What it will be in a team with no other newcomer Carlos Sainz yesterday, and with the experienced Daniel Riccardo? Will he be able to quickly adapt to the new car? Results of the race became a sensation — did not expect anybody...

But on the eve of the race participants were waiting for training and qualification. The first two training sessions, which took place on Friday, ended without sensationalism. The first four positions in both sessions divided between the racers Mercedes and Ferrari — Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. But in the third session, sounded the first — anxious to recognized favorites — bell behind Rosberg, Hamilton and Vettel finished the session Saturday Max Verstappen. His teammate Daniel Riccardo finished fifth.

But if the Dutchman is clearly found his pace, then replaced him in the Toro Rosso Kvyat frankly did not shine — in the first two training sessions, he found himself outside the top ten and only the third in the ninth.

However, the first truly important was the qualification session. In all three segments unconditionally were leading Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg — in the end the pole position has won British, German has become the second.

The third is for much of the qualifying went Max Verstappen! And it has shifted from the third position only Daniel Riccardo, and then only in the final segment. And both Ferrari are behind the two Red Bull — Kimi Raikkonen was fifth, while Sebastian Vettel and all the sixth. But Daniil Kvyat was unable to pass on the second segment and completed the qualification by 13 positions.

Start of the race — once again this season — has led to a clash in the group of leaders. Yes, even some! The road is not shared gone into the race first and second championship leader Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton.

Opinions about who was responsible for the accident, divided. Some sided with the Germans — he de defended his position in accordance with the rules. The second group supported the British — well, of course, because Nico was a clipped Lewis. But there was a third party — antibolelschiki Mercedes! They did not care who is to blame. The main thing — the two «Silver Arrows» have gone, which means that the 2016 season will finally be a new winner!

Judges for a long time dealt with the accident Rosberg and Hamilton, and voiced its verdict after the finish — the officials acknowledged the incident racing incident. It turned out that German, for whatever reasons, including wrong application of the power plant and he could not gain maximum speed.
Briton on the straight stretch of course overtook his teammate and seeing the leader of the Mercedes clearly slower attacked. But Rosberg did not give in, he blocked the path of Lewis and had to dodge to the side — on the grass. Hamilton slipped machine, put it sideways, it hit the car Nico, then both drivers off the road...

Who is guilty? Both? No one? The judges did not find the answer to this question. However, two problems facing each other Mercedes drivers a little worried about their opponents who went into the race.
Places two descended Mercedes led the race racers occupied the teams belonging to Red Bull — Daniel Riccardo came in first place, followed by Max Verstappen appeared and Carlos Sainz. On the track the safety car appeared — this fact, if it was not enough rossiyaninu problems played against Daniil Kvyat.

After the restart, the team reported Residents, that he should skip ahead of Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen — the judges considered that Kvyat ahead of them in Seyfti car mode. The surprise Dani knew no bounds, but he carried out the order of the boxes — perhaps it cost him two or three positions at the finish.
What happened then? Vettel and Raikkonen, «ate» Sainz, then followed the first wave of pit stops where all leaders received sets of rubber Medium, and then a second during which Ferstappenu and Raikkonen set Medium, and Riccardo and Vettel — Soft! This predetermined the outcome of the race.

Such unusual tire strategy has led to the fact that the Australian and German had to make an extra pit stop, which led to an increase in the backlog of the pair of the two leaders — Verstappen and Raikkonen.
By the end of race two pairs of duelists started a local battle for a place on the podium, but if Vettel managed to win the third place, then Kimi was unable to put in place 18-year-old Dutch upstart who in his first start for the Red Bull brought the team to victory!

His teammate Daniel Riccardo finished fourth — under the finish he is also punctured a tire that cost him more seconds behind, but did not affect the position occupied by them.
Fifth Valtteri Bottas finished, then Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Felipe Massa, Jenson Button and Daniil Kvyat. Consolation Russian citizen, who collected one single point, can serve as the best time, he pointed to the 54 lap race.

And the young winner of the Spanish Grand Prix Max Verstappen was suddenly not just a winner — this season he had one victory more than the reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton. Is not that an achievement?

The next phase of «Formula-1» will be held in two weeks in Monaco. Somehow there is a show rookie Red Bull? What can achieve Daniil Kvyat? Wait...
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