Russian circuit racing: bullet near Smolensk

May 14–15, at the «Smolensk ring» opening of the Russian season series circuit racing.

Last weekend at the «Smolensk ring», the opening race of the season series of the Russian ring races. At the start there were more than 50 pilots who perform in five classes — «Touring» (300 hp), «super-production» (class «Touring» cars of yesteryear capacity of about 250 hp), «Turing- Light „(200 hp),“ National „and“ Superiority RSKG „for juniors.

Russian series dates back to the first USSR Championship in circuit races in 1955.

Recall that for each class stage consists of qualifying and two races. For teams race weekend usually begins with Friday's training. All the rest of the time after the race and up to a new stage of the process of preparing for the next stage.

In turn, each step — it is an opportunity to plunge into the real world of motor racing, which takes place not only on the enthusiasm of the riders (as in the amateur series), but also with the involvement of sponsors such as oil companies Lukoil and Rosneft, the oil brand G-Energy, automakers AVTOVAZ and Subaru and many other companies.

The first phase, all participants were waiting with a special look and immediately sought to not only «to roll» in the technique, but also to show stunning results.

In the first stage timekeepers highlighted the debut of 17-year-old Muscovite Denis Bulatov acting class «Turing-Light» on the Volkswagen Polo. During training he was consistently faster than the current champion of Russia Dmitry Bragin, for which he was nicknamed «bullet». However, in the race to be the first he has not yet succeeded.

It should be noted in the race «People Pilot» (winner of the competition of the same name) Ivan Kostyukova, which acts in the class «National» in the Volkswagen Polo Sedan. That's just lucky he was less than the «Pula». The first debut race has not worked: he was forced to withdraw from the fight due to a clutch problem. In the second race, he broke through to leaders, win back the position, but to the three winners of him so far away.

But the move to the highest level. The first race of the pilots opened the most powerful class «Touring» and «Superprodakshn», which, as always, acted within the framework of arrival «United 2000». It should be noted that the track had eight (!) Hatchback SEAT Leon Cup Racer, identical to those that appear in the international body TCR International Series series.

On the first day of racing in the leaders beat out tolyattinets Dmitry Bragin of TAIF Motorsport team? but on the second day turned out to be the fastest pilot of the ex-World Championship FIA WTCC Alexey Dudukalo of LUKOIL Racing Team.

Alexey Dudukalo: «In qualifying and the first race we were not the fastest on the track, perhaps the reason was in the tires. In previous years, we used hot water bottles, and now they have canceled our car tires come into operation for longer than the competition. In the evening we have made minor changes in suspension geometry, and it worked — I won, and Kohl Karamyshev became the second, except that I set the fastest lap time. »

Dmitry Bragin: «All opponents are very strong and high-level equipment is prepared. Very satisfied with the start of the season, but not everything was in the „Turing“. In the second race due to contact with Lev Tolkachev I had damage to the left front wheel and tire overheating. Unfortunately, it was not possible to maintain a rapid pace. »

In the class of «super-production» unconditional won Maksim Chernev at Subaru BRZ SUBARU Team of the team.

Maksim Chernev «great difficulties during the race was not, the car was stable, able to not overheat the tires. The most important thing before the race had been thinking about the start — how to leave and not to fall into the dam. I got it in both races, and at the same time, I created a small reserve, while opponents were fighting among themselves. This is an excellent start to the season, I am very satisfied! Despite the fact that we had less testing than those of rivals, I won the qualifying and two races. Actually I was the heaviest car, and many strong opponents much easier. By the way, the opponents become more and their composition has become stronger. »

In turn, in the class of «Turing-line» the first place Dmitry Bragin, but he spoke in the LADA Kalina NFR and the team LADA Sport ROSNEFT, and in the «National» — Roman Agoshkov on Kia Rio from the team «Special-Avtoplast Motor Sport».

The competition «The National Junior» allowed to participate the two pilots. Anton Gavrichenko from Smolensk in the «Kalina» second generation and Vladislav Gusev from Arzamas to «Kalina» first generation exchanged victories in two races.

Of course, not all pilots in the race everything went smoothly: there were breakdowns, and spectacular crashes. But this is only the opening of the season, ahead of six stages.

By the way, at this stage, awarded the winners of the world champion and the winner of last year's race «24 Hours of Le Mans» Alexey Basov: «The race was held in Smolensk at the highest level. There were a lot of spectators, pilots were added and new teams. I was surprised by the large population in the „Touring“ class, it was spectacular to watch the fight in their class. Pilots level in Russia is growing, and it is also a pleasant surprise! I'd like to go and compete with them, but in the Smolensk I came to see the race and support them, and at the same time give cups. Young has room for improvement, we SMP team did a great foundation for the development of motorsport! »

The next stage of the Russian series circuit racing will take place on the racetrack, «Nizhny Novgorod ring» 28 and 29 May.



1. Alexey Dudukalo, SEAT Leon, LUKOIL Racing 198 points

2. Dmitry Bragin, SEAT Leon, TAIF Motorsport 196 Points

3. Nikolai Karamyshev, SEAT Leon, LUKOIL Racing 188 points

Super production

1. Maksim Chernev, Subaru BRZ, SUBARU Team 204 points

2. Anton Badoev, BMW 320i E46, A.M.G. Motorsport 188 Points

3–4. Maxim Simonov, LADA Granta, LADA Sport 176 points

3–4. Andrey Yushin, Honda Civic, personal credit score of 176

Touring Light

1. Dmitry Bragin, LADA Kalina NFR, LADA Sport ROSNEFT 194 points

2–3. Ildar Rakhmatullin, Renault Twingo, SUVAR Motorsport 184 points

2–3. Denis Bulatov, Volkswagen Polo, B-Tuning 184 points


1. Roman Agoshkov, Kia Rio, Special-Avtoplast Motor Sport 202 points

2. Vladimir Sheshenin, LADA Kalina, personal credit 184 points

3–4. Yefim Gantmakher, LADA Kalina, Goltsova Racing 176 points

3–4. Vitaly Primak, LADA Kalina NFR, LADA Sport 176 points

Photo: rskg.rf, Lukoil Racing Team
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