Alone on the «Formula 1». Malaysia. Sepang

In our next visit to independent travel in the «Formula 1» we tell you about the track Sepang.
Visiting Malaysian Grand Prix is ​​attractive at least by the fact that for the citizens of the Russian Federation for entry into the country does not need a visa (stay without a visa is limited to 30 days) and a trip to the race can be combined with subsequent beach holiday on the islands.
Be careful, the passport must be valid for another six months after returning home, and it is checked.
One girl from our company profile to an end much earlier, which was a surprise for everyone, and we have collectively tried to persuade a person at the checkpoint to let us all in Malaysia, showing the tickets for «Formula 1» and return tickets on the plane home.

After lengthy negotiations, the coveted stamp in the passport is still set, but with a note written on it and remark that this will not work the second time. In general, the necessary documents even with visa-free entry into the country should be treated responsibly. And we went to the Malaysian Grand Prix because in that year it was held immediately after the Australian Grand Prix, and we turned out to be convenient to stop in Kuala Lumpur on the way from Melbourne to Russia. In general, when it comes to long trips, combining in a single journey visit the two countries and the two Grand Prix — the solution is very efficient, both in terms of time and in terms of finances. In calendar 2016, «Formula 1» in Malaysia is scheduled for the autumn, after the race in Singapore before the Japanese Grand Prix — a very attractive combination, right?

Direct flights from Russia to Malaysia capital Kuala Lumpur is not, so that the fly in any case be a transplant. The climate is equatorial, and the average annual temperature is +30 ° C, in other words, all year round, hot and humid. Bask in Malaysia can be in any month, but remember that the rains are coming constantly. Familiar frightened us before the trip, that is very difficult to stay in this kind of weather, but we decided to compile all their opinions. We went to the Grand Prix in March, and in the streets did not say that especially hot: moisture smoothes sensation of temperature. Rain (or rather mainly thunderstorm) and the truth was on schedule: every day after 16 hours. It looked impressive, with dark clouds and lightning, but rain could take place in another part of town or while we went into a cafe to eat. In general, the daily rainfall in Kuala Lumpur does not mean that you will get for them, but an umbrella or raincoat is almost sure to always carry with them.

The fact that Malaysia takes Grand Prix, «Formula 1», it was clear even in the city center: in the Suria KLCC shopping center at the foot of world-famous Petronas Twin Towers, the cars were on display F1.

And on the square next to the concerts — in Kuala Lumpur holiday atmosphere prevailed.

The very same circuit Sepang is far enough away from the main area, but to get there, even just by using public transport. First, you need the subway station to get to KL-Sentral, and then two options. Take the bus, which is about an hour and 15 minutes will take you to Sepang. Or transfer to a high-speed train and followed her to the station Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and already there to transfer to free bus that takes you directly to the main entrance to the circuit itself. If you need other gates — is the next bus out of here before them.

Sepang — racing circuit in Malaysia, located south of Kuala Lumpur, about 55 km from the city center. Designed by architect Hermann Tilke, with the assistance of Michael Schumacher and built in 14 months. Some pilots and fans of «Formula 1» is considered the best Sepang track creation by German architect. The official opening took place on March 9, 1998. Circuit became the first in a series of new routes in Asia, which began to carry out the stages of «Formula 1». The first Grand Prix was held on this racetrack 17 October 1999. Overall, the Sepang gone 17 races F1, from the opening until 2015. Also, the circuit used for major motorsport series — Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix, A1 Grand Prix and MotoGP.

Infrastructure meets the highest requirements for the track «Formula 1». Special care is given to safety — all participants in races under the continuous supervision of the cameras, which cover the whole route. All information is instantly enters the race control center and allows you to quickly solve all sorts of incidents. To cover the leaf tracks, which are demanding on the tires of cars, used a special mixture of bitumen, developed because of its year-round use in humid Malaysian climate. The only problem for the race track are tropical storms. The drainage system is not always cope with the flow of water, causing floods pitlane.
64% of the total length of the route pilots are at the maximum speed.
On the line start / finish of the race cars reach speeds of over 300 km / h. This is one of the most difficult circuits on the calendar, which has a large range of indicators, some of which are «blind», with ups and downs.
What awaits the spectators during the Grand Prix of Malaysia, except for the «Formula 1»? Traditionally — walk along the pit lane autograph sescii, support race (as a touring Malaysia Championship Series), and another block of spectacular entertainment events under the name «X-track»: drifting, rally-show, go-karting, racing on quad bikes, etc..

Entertainment, except the races, too, abound: the abundance of stalls with souvenirs and paraphernalia of the teams and Sepang Circuit,

exhibition of racing cars and motorcycles,

animation in traditional Malaysian style (traditional music, themed stands, etc.).

Points lot of power and they are mainly located immediately behind the podium — close and convenient.

And now the tickets for the race. Here (as in Albert Park, for example) have free accommodation area, and is the cheapest category of tickets, implying that the events on the track you will follow, situated on a hill along the highway. But this time we still have chosen the platform, in the first corner. This option, of course, more expensive, but with the roof (which is important in this climate), and, most importantly, with stunning views of the cars, rushing straight at you, and then lay the bends. And-screen events, directly opposite.

Rain, thank God, did not watered, although the sky deepened all the harsh colors, and repeatedly cut through the clouds of lightning. But it is in «our» turning the accident occurred, and several spectacular overtaking. The audience cheered!
The crowd was on Sunday all were scored among the guests at the race was a lot of not only Asians but also of Europeans. With flags in the fan costumes, united in the whole group to support their favorite riders.

Russians but we were also — it showed the flags in the stands. So come on Sepang fans of «Formula 1» from around the world.

And the Malaysian Grand Prix — one of the few where the post-race concerts of stars, a visit which is included in the price of tickets for the «Formula 1». For example, when we were in Sepang, there stood the famous group «Guns N „Roses“.

There should also be said, that appeared on the concert Asians peculiar behavior in the crowd. The action took place in the open air, and space for spectators was enough. However, people tried to stay close to each other: only depart from them, here they are again happily jumping in millimeters from you. At first it was very strange, but when played ballads to leave already and did not want to. Here at Sepang, we again felt that the Royal race — a great holiday, and really do not want it to end. This means that it is necessary to go to the „Formula 1“ in any new country. To be continued!

Information about the track

The official name of the route: Sepang International Circuit
Capacity: 130 000 spectators
Established: 1998
Track length: 5.543 km
Race distance: 310.408 km
Number of laps: 56
Number of corners: 15 (5 left and 10 right)
Lap record in the race: 1: 34,223 — Juan Pablo Montoya (2004)

Photo: Svetlana Parfyonov

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

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