Aston Martin DBS — Bond's Aston Martin second

In 1969 he was presented to the sixth film about the harsh everyday life of the legendary superspy British intelligence — «On Her Majesty's Secret Service».

The film turned out to be for fans of James Bond special. First, the film's budget, as well as the fees were very modest; secondly, it was the first and only film in which the role played Bond George Lazenby; thirdly, a love story with the wedding was marred by tragedy; Fourth, bondmobil Aston Martin DBS in 1968 was the last model produced by the company under the leadership of David Brown, whose initials are hidden in the DB name.

At the same time in 1969:

— Russian and Spanish languages ​​are included in the number of UN Security Council's working languages;
— As president of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson he succeeded Richard Nixon;
— General Charles de Gaulle resigned as president of France;
— In court in Los Angeles, Sirhan Sirhan, pleaded guilty to the murder of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy;
— For the first time in space docked two manned spacecraft Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5;
— Returned to Earth the first lunar expedition «Apollo 11»;
— Flew the first Boeing 747;
— The first flight of the helicopter Mi-24;
— Came the first prototype of the internet — the ARPANET;
— Kharkov Plant «Proton» has produced the first Soviet cassette tape recorder «Desna»;
— Born Michael Schumacher, Marilyn Manson, Steffi Graf, Jennifer Aniston, Javier Bardem, Renee Zellweger, Cate Blanchett, Matthew MakKonnahi, Jay-Z, Tiesto, Stas Mikhailov, Mikhail Porechenkov, Tatyana Bulanova, Angelica Varum and personality OE domestic and world level of fame.

To the cinema:

In the story, Bond again have to fight with a terrorist group «Spectrum» (a funny analogy, is not it?), Headed by — the evil Ernst Blofeld. In a secret laboratory in the Swiss Alps Blofeld planned to destroy the entire world with the deadly virus. Bond tries to thwart the diabolical plans of a ruthless villain terrorist group. Plans for «Spectra» to spread a deadly virus upset, but victory is still far. The main villain is on the loose, kick Bond's heart. During the shooting of the British superspy lover dies shortly after the wedding ceremony — in the car of his wife spy.

In this romantic story with a sad ending featured two cars — Aston Martin DBS as bondmobilya and Mercury Cougar XR7 — personal transport superspy bride, Theresa (Tracy) de Vicenzo. Machine Tracy deserves to be a machine Bond girl: Mercury Cougar in the prologue demonstrates the skill of driving on French sidewalks, and also appears in pursuit, when Bond with Tracy was forced to hide from his pursuers on Mercedes'e in Switzerland. In addition, it Bond and his fiancee accidentally won the ice in a desperate rally drift. Mercury Cougar XR7 is manufactured by Ford: the typical American car in the spirit of the late 60's early 70's, had a powerful engine — 400 hp boosted 428 Cobra Jet and unimagined dimensions.

But back to our main avtogeroyu. Due to the cooling of relations between the producers of James Bond and Aston Martin, in the movie «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» green DBS coupe shown only four episodes. Bondmobilya At this time there are no supernatural powers, which could already get used on previous series. The first Aston Martin Bond, who appeared in the films «Goldfinger» and «Thunderball» was punctuated with the maximum different spy gadgets and weapons. The current Aston Martin DBS also been in the capable hands of Dr. Q (Q), but no special devices were not equipped. Fans of James Bond mark Only one small detail, which James Bond is, in fact, and did not take advantage: in the glove compartment was fixed rollaway sniper rifle with a collapsible telescopic sight, similar to the one which 007 used in the movie «From Russia With Love.» The lack of armored glass in the car superspy cost the lives of his only wife. However, DBS and does not claim to be the best car of James Bond.

In original

Aston Martin DBS — a classic of the genre of sports end of the 60's — early 70's: a four-seater rear-drive sport coupe class «Gran Turismo». For the first time a British car manufacturer Aston Martin Lagonda introduced the DBS new, developed by William Townes in Bleynhemskom palace on the outskirts of Woodstock in Oxfordshire September 25, 1967. DBS succeeded Aston Martin DB6, although both of these models are produced at the same time for three years. Release DBS began in 1967 and ended in May 1972, including an upgraded model of the V8, eventually supplanted DBS. Total came off the assembly line in 1189 such machines: 787 models marked DBS and 402 — labeled DBS V8.

Next to the company fell on hard times: it changed hands several times until it was in the hands of the Company Developments Ltd. The new owner modernized the successful DBS and DBS V8, giving them a new name Aston Martin Vantage and AM V8.


Previous Aston Martin models differed smooth lines of the body, but it was unusual for DBS brand angular design, strict and, according to some motorists, a few old-fashioned for a transitional version, because a square lattice front of the body, resembling 60th. The car has become more than the DB6 coupe, with four full-size seats.

The interior of the cabin was a luxury — for its decoration used the finest leather dressing the famous Italian studio Conolly. Stressed involvement in car Aston Martin trademark design features such as the shape of the hood, spoke wheels, side air vents with stainless steel cladding.


New Aston Martin DBS kept the 6-cylinder petrol engine capacity 3995 cc. See, taken by his predecessor, DB6, (later — with an aluminum engine head block). Standard L6 engine power was 210 kW (286 hp), but later became available carbureted engine option offered by the Italian manufacturer Weber, with increased output power up to 242 kW for DBS Vantage. With a 5-speed manual gearbox ZF, the engine gave out 3850 rev / min torque (390 Nm).

Wheelbase compared with the DB6 was increased by one inch and a track width increased by five inches, and the width of the body was also six inches longer. That is, DBS model length is 4585 mm, width 1829 mm, height — 1328 mm, curb weight — 1588 kg, the ground clearance appropriate for the sports car — 140 mm. At DBS with a wheelbase of 2611 mm installed spoke wheels with disc brakes front and rear, tire sizes — 8.15X15.

The engine is mounted behind the front axle, whereby the ratio of weight distribution and improved almost reached 50/50. Engineers equipped DB6 rear axle de Dion, the model had excellent handling characteristics, so most of the chassis and the chassis for DBS were also borrowed from the DB6.

As a result, the dynamic characteristics of the Aston Martin DBS were very good — from 0 to 100 km / h acceleration time of 8.5 seconds and a top speed reached 227 km / h.


On 27 September 1969 the car was also available with a 5.3-liter V8 engine and got nazvanieAston Martin DBS V8. Its output power was about 235 kW, and its rate of acceleration from 0 to 60 miles (97 km / h) was 5.9 seconds, top speed reached almost 257 km / h. In addition to various motors used for the V8 has alloy wheels 15 «» with ventilated brakes. With the advent of DBS V8, DBS received minor cosmetic changes in the form of a deep front air intake rear rack with a large stainless steel lid, and remove the vent C-pillar.

It is noteworthy that 40 years after its first appearance, the DBS model was included in the program again and Aston Martin car production under the same name and released in the James Bond films. But that's another story.


— Aston Martin DBS flashed in an episode of the next James Bond movie («Diamonds Are Forever»);
— Aston Martin DBS «starred» in the series «Persuasion» (1971–1972), in which Roger Moore, Lord Brett Sinclair character led yellow (color Bahama Yello) 6-cylinder in the DBS, which through the use of light-alloy wheels and various pads look like a model V8;
one of who were removed into DBS film with FBH 207G room is located at the Museum of Bond in England, but when the museum is closed, the car was sent to Florida, the fate is unknown;
DBS with other GKX 8G number is privately owned in Australia. According to unconfirmed reports, one of the owners did not even know that he had purchased a supercar of the Bond, he just liked the car and its color, the train a few years, he sold the car in 1978. Another owner, being a collector, he realized that for instance, he bought and restored the legendary DBS fully to the level of the film version, up to a sniper rifle;
— Thanks to the aforementioned collector, at the jubilee exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of James Bond, which was held October 8, 2012 in Melbourne, George Lezenbi the first time after the shooting, met with his bondmobilem restored, according to the site .

Interesting facts about the film:

— After the rejection of Sean Connery by shooting even for $ 1 million for the role of Bond chose George Lazenby, he was offered a contract for seven Bond films, but at the time of the shooting, George decided to play only one;
— Producers had to find not only a new actor for the role of James Bond, but the executor of a role of the main villain, as well as several members of the crew, was replaced as and director: initially Peter Hunt wanted to shoot the film «You Only Live Twice», but the director was selected Lewis Gilbert and Peter left the Bond and went round the world trip. Ironically, he was in Tokyo at the very moment when Albert Broccoli and Lewis Gilbert prepared there for the shooting of «You Only Live Twice» Broccoli offered Hunt to become the first director of the new film of James Bond, if he would agree to work directed by the second composition in «You Only Live twice»;
— «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» — the only Bond film, which took off Peter Hunt;
. — The budget of the film «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» was $ 7 million for their participation Lazenby in the film received a total fee of $ 400,000 ($ 100,000 plus a percentage of box office);
— If for the film «You Only Live Twice» advertising campaign around the picture was based on the positioning of the name Sean Connery as Bond, then when advertising film «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» name and a photo of the actor George Lazenby is almost never mentioned, and on posters was depicted only Bond silhouette. With the announcements of films is emphasized image of the main character, as Lazenby was virtually unknown to the role. Later, the company United Artists announced that this marketing strategy has hurt the financial fate of the film, proved to be wrong;
— George Lazenby was nominated for «Golden Globe» as the «most promising newcomer among men» in 1970.;
— Ian Fleming wrote the novel «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» during the filming of the first Bond film — «Dr. No»;
— The first novel by Ian Fleming, «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» was published in the «Playboy» magazine from April to June 1963, since the Bond novels have become permanently leave the magazine. Tribute to — the scene where Bond is reading «Playboy» magazine, cracking the safe in the office of the Swiss lawyer;
— Film «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» — one of the finest film adaptations of novels by Ian Fleming's Bond, but because of too precise proximity to the original text there are some inconsistencies, such as in this film it seems that Bond and Blofeld are found for the first time, although they have come face to face in the movie «You only Live twice»;
— In the storyline of the film there is a scene from the avalanche, on which work was in collaboration with the Swiss army, which annually with dynamite eliminated the threat of avalanches with dangerous slopes. Going in the right place, the crew has been discouraged by the fact that the avalanche occurred naturally before the scheduled recording. In the film, avalanche — a subtle combination of previously captured material, special effects and the correct use of close-ups and sound;
— The scene with the departure of Bond skiing from an avalanche took John Glenn, at that time the director of the second group, and in the future — the creator of the legendary five James Bond films;
— This film is the only one in which James Bond appears in a kilt and crying;
— For the first time to create the soundtrack for James Bond composer John Barry used synthesizers and electric guitars;
— For $ 40,373 at auction «Christie» in 2003 in London, Rolex watches were sold, worn by James Bond in the film;
— This is the only Bond film, which is shot entirely in Europe;
— Wedding scene shooting Bond and Tracy lasted 5 days;
— Blofeld lab filmed in the Alps, at the famous peak of the Schilthorn;
— Lazenby would perform most of their own stunts in the film, but during the filming of one scene, broke his arm, it delayed the filming process, and the studio has found an understudy. In the film there is a scene where Bond is in the laboratory Blofeld, Lazenby broken arm hidden under his coat;
— It is similar to the Connery helped Lazenby get the role of James Bond: before going to the office to the producers, George Lazenby went to the same tailor and hairdresser who has worked with Sean Connery;
— George Lazenby starred as 007 in 29 years and is the youngest actor to ever play James Bond. Other actors who have played Bond, were: Sean Connery — 31, Roger Moore — 45, Timothy Dalton — 40, Pierce Brosnan — 41 and Daniel Craig — 38;
— George Lazenby Australian, he is the only actor Bond, who was born and raised outside the UK. In addition to Pierce Brosnan, who, though born in Ireland, but moved to the UK is very young;
— The role of Tracy claimed Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Bisset and Catherine Deneuve. Bardot became the main contender for the role of the selection directed by Peter Hunt, but she chose to shoot the film «Shalako» with Sean Connery in the end the role of Tracy chose Diana Rigg;
— Diana Rigg did not know how to skate — she needed understudy for the scene at the skating rink;
— That James Bond was able to drive along the beach on his Aston Martin, in one scene of the film under the sand paved railroad ties;
— These methods and techniques of shooting, like slow motion (slow motion effect) and flashback (memories of the hero), well known to us by modern films have appeared in the James Bond film;
— Before the release in 2006 of «Casino Royale», which is longer than 2 minutes, «On Her Majesty's Secret Service» has long been the longest James Bond film (142 minutes).

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