Rauh-welt Begriff. Personal acquaintance with descriptions. Part 2: Nakai-san

«To be honest, if it were only for business, I could do much more simple kit and tell everyone — hey, why do not you put this on your machine...» — Akira Nakai

As you learned in the first part of our story, the way in RWB (Rauh-welt Begriff) was full of unexpected obstacles and equally unexpected happy solutions. So, for the next turn GPS showed that we have in place.


Strange, but no garage was not here. The first thing we saw was more like a small potato field. However, looking slightly to the left of the field itself, and peered into an unlit area, we literally opened their mouths. About ten «baggy» Porsche before us.

It was a classic 911-th model 930's, 964's and 993's bodies, which could be seen behind a wall of tires, illuminated by light from the same legendary garage. We passed still untouched tuning red 964 th and saw the most legendary purple Rotana — 993rd Porsche with a huge wing-style bōsōzoku.

RWB Rotana Porsche 911 (993)

Engine Maximum power 575 hp.; 964 Engine 3.6 l turbo; home-made turbo manifold; turbo GReddy; homemade intake system; cone filter of zero resistance; homemade intercooler; reinforced oil pipeline; exhaust system stainless steel

Electronics HKS F-Con V-Pro; ECU; GReddy Profec-B boost controller

Transmission 993rd standard CPR

Suspension Quantum / RWB adjustable racing suspension

Brakes Standard brake from the 993rd turbo model

Exterior RWB complete kit; front bumper style GT2; rubber «lip» RWB; elongated front Cunard RWB; RWB glass roof; RWB thresholds; RWB ventilated rear fenders; RWB side Cunard; RWB rear bumper; RWB spoiler; plastic side windows; RWB matte purple color

Interior absent. The driver's seat Recaro. Sparco steering wheel

Wheels Rims Work Meister RWB-special 12.5Jx18 «-5 (front), 14Jx18» —48 (rear). Tyres Kumho Ecsta V710 315 / 35R18 (front), 345 / 35R18 (rear)

The garage door was open, and inside there were several people with video cameras that went around the blue 964 th, which remained at the final stage of construction, as evidenced by a lack of side sills and brand labels.

Nakai dignity we noticed right away... he was sitting on the floor of the car.

Feel ignored group of operators, we went to him. Judging by the commercials on youtube, we knew that he spoke in English, and yet decided to say hello in Japanese: «Konichiva, Nakai-san! Hadzimemaschte! (Hey, Nakai-san, happy to meet!) „He raised his head, looked at us, then quickly stood up and extended his hand. „Hai, told me about you, — he said in English (probably with gaugino so accustomed to chat). — You can be located, and the guys from Tokyo TV is dosnimayut promo video for the premiere of the new part of „Fast and the Furious.“ By the way it turned out that the blue 964-th Porsche, who enjoyed the attention of the television cameras on the night belongs to one of the most popular artists in Tokyo.

Trying not to disturb especially operators, we have all seen. Eyes just run away. In the garage in front of the camera is spray a couple of classic Porsche — red and orange.

Matrix body kits, spacers for wheels of all sizes themselves Work Meister RWB-special 12,5 and 14 inches wide, all kinds of posters with Porsche and Audrey Hepburn, a stand with souvenirs from different countries, a lot of slot machines, nearly a whole wall of bottles of Stella Artois and a billiard table covered with different attributes RWB.

Nakai san at this time engaged in the installation of 964-th missing thresholds, and the whole process of shooting the very guys with TV. After a final interview with the crew began to gather. We tried to find out where you can watch the video, but unfortunately, the dialogue has not succeeded.

The first visitors from Russia

«Well, where are you?» — Said Nakai. «From Russia». — «Ohhh, from Russia? Many have already visited me here, but from Russia... then you probably first. Yes, exactly, because Russia was empty. I myself was in Moscow last year and I really liked it. »

After these words Nakai san thought, and then said in Russian with an accent: «Hey, now, how are you doing, pirozhochki, Borschik, khachapuri, Chaykhona.» By the way, one of its projects, Porsche in the 993-m body from the United States, and he has called «Chaykhona №1».

We have matured a question:

— What do you call a car he was working on?

— The idea was born in the name of the process and remains in the mind until the very end. I am, as you may have noticed, I do not use computers and the Internet, do not make drawings on paper, all the ideas in my head. For various business helps me and my assistant accountant Yoko Kubo, which, incidentally, will soon drive up. Have you seen all the Porsche, which stand on the street?

— Yes! It is with them began our acquaintance with the RWB.

— They're all mine.

— Oh, and what are the most favorite?

— I can not highlight some most special, everyone — the fruit of my imagination, the different stages of life. But to ride on public roads or on the racetrack I like most on his first 930-m Porsche «Stella Artois», which I have already about 16 years old!

— Wow! There is an abundance of bottles and posters of beer Stella Artois, and why it is, and not any Japanese?

— The first time I tried this beer in Belgium and immediately fell in love. Later, in Japan, I went to drink it, but I also like the design of labels, here, look. — Nakai san pointed to a stand of the bottles.

Then he offered a drink and upon arrival his assistant to go to dinner. We agreed, and went with him out of the garage to the street.

— What will you drink?

— Um, around here only tires, asphalt, some parts and 993rd «Rotana»...

— Hah — he laughed and crawled under a huge spoiler «Rota», which turned out to be for the machine with drinks. — Look, are marked in red hot drinks, and blue — cold!

— Well, we have two hot coffee.

Once again surprised the Japanese, we went back to the garage and sat down in the chair, continued their conversation. Now he began to ask about our trip around the country. After listing the places that were able to visit, we talked about the visit of the Toyota AE86 Shop in the city of Kyoto, which is widely known that restores, and sells the legendary tuning Hachirokku. By the way, one of them was shot in the AE86 feature film Initial D. 

— So you — «Hachirokku Gais» — laughed Nakai-san. — My first car was just Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, which I later took over Porsche. That's when I founded the company Rough World, later to become Rauh-welt Begriff.

— And in the race you are involved? — We asked.

— Yes, we often leave the company on track days, the ring road in Ttsukube. By the way, next weekend we'll go again. I fine-tuned cars are not only externally but also spend work on the engine, however, when it comes to the global increase in the power, I bring my friends in the engine shop near here. And then we go to the ring, where all of the squeeze to get the car.

After his story Nakai san returned to his 964 th blue Porsche, where it remains only to apply the sealant in the joints of the body and the body kit. We have continued to study the glass cabinet with souvenirs from different countries.

There were dolls, and all sorts of figurines, and ornaments, and even Russian rubles. In memory and we tossed the paper «dozen». Apart from the usual souvenirs, we also noticed a photo Nakai dignity to domestic classics, and then asked the question:

— Nakai-san, and as you Russian cars?

— I really liked was the classic «Lada», ever'll take such a machine.

The rhythm of playing on the radio composition «How to save a life» group The Fray broke the sound of the continuous-flow issue, somewhere from the depths of the street. The sound of rapidly approaching and stood by the garage. Undoubtedly, it was the roar of the boxer engine. Soon the door opened and in the garage RWB appeared Japanese, resembles a mafia representatives of the Yakuza. It turned out to be one of dignity Nakai Motomasu Ono, owner of a remarkable 964-th titled «Mujer Bonita» (Spanish — beautiful woman), and after it has approached another man with a box in which there were stands for Porsche. That man was none other than the owner of Aragosta, suspension kit is recommended for installation RWB. In Russia, the company is only now beginning to gain popularity, but some owners only heard very positive feedback. Nakai San finalized and began to show friends Blue 964 minutes. All something loudly discussed in Japanese, and in the end we hear the question from the owner «Arago», which obviously figured the word «gaugino.» «It „hachirokku Gais“, — joked Nakai-san. The company laughed, and we with them.

After that we recommend to visit the store with all sorts tyunyachkami for AE86's in Yokohama. The door opened again and a woman appeared in the doorway. She turned out to be the very Yoko Kubo. Delighted us, she began to question who we are and where almost all of our answers aloud and answering drawl «Oooooh,» so characteristic of the emotional Japanese. By the way, it was also the very owner of Porsche, however GT3 in 996-m body to which has not yet reached a hand Nakai dignity, except for the spoiler. Yoko also constantly involved in track-days and all kinds of amateur competitions.

Having decided that the hour has come, Nakai-san, Yoko Kubo and we jumped in her the baby Honda S-MX and went to dinner. Narrow winding roads of the small town brought us to an unusual institution. Here are all the ingredients for the dishes you can choose yourself, and then cook them directly on the hob, which is built into the middle of the table. Even at dinner Nakai san continued to work, he received calls from representatives of other countries, in particular asking for wheels with different parameters.

And then we were able to just hang out on all sorts of subjects: about the weather, work, age, etc. By the way, the weather was unusually warm for October, although after the last typhoon noticeably colder. To eat, we went back to the garage, which performs the role of the house.

Lights baby S-MX lit Porsche «beautiful woman» Motomasu It, and all of us as a team uttered — «Oooooh.»

The evening came to an end, finally making a joint photo, Kubo san kindly offered to throw us to the railway station. Nakai said goodbye with dignity, we asked what he plans to do in the future? Is the project on Porsche Panamera, for example? «Perhaps, but it will take a very long time, I live in the present and enjoy what I do» — summed up the Nakai-san.

We got in the car, little Honda S-MX cut autumn air from time to time toward the center of the road, at speed to burst into a turn. Before the train left a few minutes, but thanks to a ring experience Kubo san, we still had time.

Now I remember that meeting is still interesting, and periodically at all ask ourselves: Was it all in reality? Well, there is confirmation in the form of photographs.

RWB's approach to the construction of the German Porsche Classic with Japanese thinking really is not standard, it has found its fans around the world. Perhaps some refute this approach and consider wrong, but that's another story, because the concept of the company is in a rough world, and more precisely in the shredding of expensive cars in order to create something special, individual, named.

I do not love money, I love Porsche...
Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

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Svetlana Parfenova column,

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