Rauh-welt Begriff. Personal acquaintance with descriptions. Part 1: week on the Shinkansen *

«Build your car, investing his own soul» — Akira Nakai.

Imagine that you suddenly found themselves in Japan. Where would you go? Or, perhaps, to whom? No, it is not a question of visiting the typical tourist attractions, we are talking about the car, and everything connected with it, subject. So, where would you go?

We suddenly found himself in Japan, have been drawn up in advance with a clear route across the country to plan literally by the hour. Yes, it is the spontaneity of travel made us spend a lot of sleepless nights figuring out how not to get lost in the country with the characters and time to see the maximum possible. But we could not imagine that in the end would get to it...

As you may have guessed, it will be about RWB (Rauh-welt Begriff) and its founder Nakai dignity (Akira Nakai). He organized a group originally called Rough World in a suburb of Tokyo about 20 years ago and began to manufacture body parts for classic Porsche. In their ideas Nakai san apply the style of ring of Japanese cars and moved it to cars Porsche.

Over time, the company has developed and received a new name — Rauh-welt Begriff, that German can be translated as «a rough concept of the world.»

His massive wings and wheels, unique spoilers — all integral style RWB. One of the main features of the company is that Nakai san own sets all body cells and offers an individual approach to every project that gets a unique name. This means that a customer ordering vaydbodi automatically invites to his dignity Nakai (and, of course, takes care of all associated costs). Now he designs are gaining increasing popularity worldwide. Representative offices RWB exist in the USA, Europe, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Canada. RWB can be found in the new arcade autosimulator cult series Need For Speed.


Our first few days in Japan were studying in Tokyo, nearby towns and anticipation of a trip across the country, including a visit to the stage of «Formula 1» in Suzuka. Once you are there, any fan of JDM (Japanese domestic market) is crazy culture of the choice to have him visit. Perhaps a ride on the freeway and Shuto Wanganui,

go to the local crowd tuners in Yokohama? Or go to the mountain in search of the local Akin drifters who, inspired by watching anime «Race D sector» (Initial D), are all the corners of the slope in a controlled drift, leaving only traces on the asphalt?

And what to say about the abundance of all kinds of famous tuners! How to make the choice to then on the way home not bite your elbows? We have long suffered, but appropriate idea came spontaneously to mind: why not take a trip to the Nakai san? We remembered about him including the fact that he came to Moscow to create another of his project, and after the visit, many of our friends who were lucky enough to get to meet him, to inspire the work of the master, saying only positive words in his address, telling as it is an open and easy-to-person communication (unless of course you know Japanese, well, or at least English).

Photo: Low Daily

To say «Let's go!» Is easy, but at the moment we do not even know the address RWB.

Logic and Google brought to the site rwb.jp. Fortunately, it was possible to find the coordinates of the company, but to go blind still did not want to. Having found in the contacts e-mail with the name of an unknown person, we wrote a letter («Hi, we're from Russia, passing through here, very impressed with the work Nakai san would call when you can?») And began to wait for an answer. Three days passed, and no answer was received. Annoyed, we continued to travel around the country, and then came up with the idea that our free email letter with «home» mail server got the recipient in spam. Fortunately, help came from a working e-mail from the Japanese company, the text of the letter was sent again and — lo and behold! — In a day, we still got a long-awaited answer! I sent him a Ichiraku san (as it turned out later, Toshiya Tom Ichiraku — racer, acting in some Japanese championships, concurrently is director of international representations RWB). The text of the response it was said that Nakai-san will tomorrow in their garage the whole day and will have to wait. Excellent!

But not all so simple. At that time we were in Osaka, in 556 km from Tokyo, which, however, is not a problem for the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed trains, which overcome this distance in a little over two hours. It is disturbing others.

As the Russian news portals, Japan was coming almost the most powerful typhoon ever recorded. What to do in such a case?

In consideration received two ideas: to collect things and quickly go to Tokyo or still remain until the morning in Osaka, «but we'll see.» In the evening in the street began a steady downpour. In all the local news was more upbeat than in Russian: all just warned typhoons and reported that where dangerous, you do not get: the movement of trains, metro, cable cars and other closed.

We decided to stay put. Located in the hotel and found that the browser on your phone at all refuses to find the satellites, we started is about the route of the railway station to the garage Nakai dignity using Google cards with panoramas. Meter by meter passing through the virtual map and making screenshots, we lined the road ahead. «So, here we go... the train left turn... more kind of tent with a» shawarma «....Now a narrow street between private houses... here we pass by Honda Integra... now the turn... and the garage.» We have kept a couple of dozen screenshots did not want to miss out on a place right turn and then wander without navigator to find the right home.

It is morning. From the shower, which went all night, there was only a small drizzle. We again boarded the Shinkansen. Friends who were at this time in Tokyo, reported in the SMS that the typhoon mostly «hit» on the small island, but did partially affected the city. «Interestingly, we need railway lines closed or not?» — Flashed through my head. High-speed train from Osaka went on time, and after two and a half hours, we went to Tokyo station and headed to the hotel. Time was butt, and still had to buy a tourist pass for the trip scheduled for tomorrow at the waterfalls in Nikko. With all the things managed to overcome only in the evening, and we finally went to the railroad station to buy tickets to the Nakai dignity. But it was not there…

There, do not know where

None of the cashiers did not know how it will look full itinerary (and the scheme he envisioned transplant 2–3) and, accordingly, could not sell us tickets to the desired station. «Simatta» (Japanese — damn, damn, bummer) — escape. Did the trip will not take place? And yet there are people among the Japanese responsive, ready to help the unfortunate gaugino (gaugino — a stranger in Japanese). Nearby stood a man in a business suit, hearing and seeing the destination station ticket cashiers futile effort to find something in a very thick book route, as well as our view of the doomed, without further ado has written all the stations required direct route and handed them to us on a slip.

«Domo arigato gadzaymaschta (thank you very much),» — we replied welcoming the stranger and hit the road.

It was found necessary to make two changes, and the entire route was expected to take about an hour. The train crossed the city limits, it was getting dark outside.

Head tormented by the thought that now the road will have to find in the dark, if I can find the same garage? Upon hearing the name of the next station, we realized that it's time to go. Street lights was quite small, and we got confused: where to go. But suddenly the phone who refused to see the integrated GPS-module satellites for two days, suddenly went to meet us! It was possible to build the route, so go for the save screenshots we did not have (although the most we saw Honda Integra). The area was a private sector with little, but obviously not cheap houses, and obviously different from what he saw in the previous days of Japanese villages. During the next turn GPS showed that we have in place.

To be continued…

* Shinkansen — the network of high-speed rail in Japan

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