Successful debut in the junior series SMP RSKG

Winners of the youth set-off of a new series of Russian ring races are divided into plans for the new season

In the season 2015 SMP Racing — promoter of the Championship and Russian Cup circuit races — initiated the emergence of a new racing class. Junior championship RSKG included 5 stages, held in conjunction with the traditional classes of the Russian series circuit racing on the racetrack, «Nizhny Novgorod ring», «Smolensk Ring» and Kazan Ring.

Under the terms of the application of the competition can apply boys and girls from 14 to 17 years, acting on a domestic low-cost technology.

To reduce costs in this class allowed road tires (a longtime partner of the national «ring» the company Yokohama gave the participants the model 2 AC02).

Rules are similar to those adopted in the «adult» classification. After qualifying the first race held at the start of a stroke, the second — with a start from a place where the participants are deploying in the reverse order of the first race in busy places. In addition, the leaders receive additional ballast.

The only difference — twice shorter races: junior race lasts no more than 25 minutes.

In the first season included five young athletes — four boys and one girl. But as spectacular race juniors hardly inferior to larger class! It turned out that lap times in training and qualifications are very close, and the decisive factor in the race was cool, but the experience that participants have acquired before that in karting cross and rallycross, was not always to their advantage. But in the SMP RSKG progress from stage to stage it was visible to the naked eye!

Gleb Kuznetsov, winner of junior championship RSKG 2015 (started the season in 14 years):

«Before the first stage, I doubted that I could win. Vlad Gusev we have already met in the race for „Nizhny Novgorod ring“, and then he traveled on my lap! But junior championship RSKG for me the season started with a victory in the first stage.

The main struggle I had with Julia Strukova. Perhaps I was not always correct, and she sometimes allowed herself too much on the road, I do not rule out that at the last stage in Kazan she hurt me, because before on this track it was faster than me, and then failed.

In the course of the season and rang Sergey Golovanov. In one of the exercises we have a bite to eat, in fact, they showed that the racing times, and very close.

In the winter I plan to actively train on the frozen lake on a race Polo, as well as a variety of types of drive at the site of the Academy of Anton Zakharov, my coach. Maybe it will drive karting race, but from last year were bad memories (frostbitten his face). And next season, I plan to make a ring in karting in the class DD2, both in Russia and abroad, but it is provided to be able to lose weight and not too grown up. And, of course, I am looking forward to take part in a series of Russian ring races — at the wheel of Volkswagen Polo Sedan, but in the class «National».

Yulia Strukov, silver medalist of the junior championship RSKG 2015 (the beginning of the season in 17 years):

«Everything was new — before I went to cross-country and cross-country rally, asphalt has been a mystery to me. The most striking stage was summer in Kazan, when I won both races, and the most annoying — also in Kazan, but in the fall, when I caught a cold inappropriately. Because of illness, probably, and I crashed the car at the end of training: wanted to show lap time, like last time, but made a mistake and flew to pit Wall. Initially discouraged, and then began to settle on the mechanics: restore the car in any way, I want to go to the start!

I often prevents hot tempers and my nervousness: I can make mistakes, which then regret. Well, the asphalt still requires specific skills, which only began to emerge during the season. Very grateful to my coach Alexander Sotnikov, my success — it is first of all to his credit.

How will the winter season is not yet known — if I can, then try to start in the race track. And in the summer the path is in the class of «National» SMP RSKG. There is, of course, more than rivals, but will work for the result! "

Sergey Golovanov, bronze medalist of the junior championship RSKG (season begins in 15 years):

Of course, I wanted to win. At the first stage, I showed the best result in qualifying, but technical problems forced to miss both races. They began to work more with the machine — for maintenance thanks to the staff of FTS-friends Team Sport.

Many worked on him, listening to the advice his older brother and Natalia Goltsova acting class «National» SMP RSKG. Very happy to win, which managed to win in one of the races — I had to work hard to win Gleb Kuznetsov, whose car and, I think, better, and have a great experience in karting. With me behind only the cross on the asphalt had to work hard paths.

In tests I have a good time, but as soon as the qualification or race brings excitement, and I'm going worse. And we're all going to be very close at times, a good one on one track, the other is strong on the other circuit — is always difficult to fight.

Next season I hope to hold in the Russian series, and in the winter expect to take part in ice racing. "

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