WTCC: backstage at the Lada Sport Rosneft

When we are watching a racing series, we usually know the names of the pilots... and, at best, the team leaders. Occasionally at the hearing are the names of racing engineers... But the team — it's not only them.

When we are watching a racing series, we usually know the names of the pilots... and, in the best case, the names of team leaders. Occasionally at the hearing are the names of the racing team of engineers... After all — it's not only them. These people — an important, but only part of the whole team. And it was his thought, harmonious and perfect in every detail the work results in victories and titles with the names of most of those pilots, which we all know.

I had the unique opportunity to be a guest at one of the most interesting for the Russian fans of racing teams — in the pits the team Lada Sport Rosneft, taking part in the World Championships road circuit races in the class of Touring WTCC (World Touring Car Championship).

And now I will tell you is not about how many seconds Lada Vesta is dispersed to hundreds of rides and track International Circuit in Shanghai or Moscow Raceway, and how he lives and works team. The fact that behind the scenes.

Command structure

So, the team Lada Sport Rosneft — three pilots. Now it's Rob Huff, Nicolas Lapierre and Nicki Katsburg. Each of them — his own personal race engineer. Rob is working with Joan Servia (pictured above)

Nicolas Marco Kalovolo,

Nicky — David Scott.

Photo: Cyril Schrader with mechanics

But apart from them there is also the chief engineer of the team — Cyril Schrader, he is responsible in general for setting up and training for all three cars. In this case all the engineering processes are coordinated by a team leader — Viktor Shapovalov. Plus telemetrist engineer, two engineers-minder — on all machines, and four mechanics on each machine.

Photo: Victor Shapovalov

There are team manager Maxim Maksimenko and his assistant, as well as a specialist in marketing and media relations. And all these people ride each stage WTCC, the team to function as it should, and fight for the podium!

Photo: Maxim Maksimenko working with pilots

In addition, the team has an engineer-designer, but he did not do the steps leaves. He is responsible for the overall development and improvement of the car, its design, individual elements and parts of the machine (and permanently based in Moscow).


As you know, the team Lada Sport Rosneft — multinational. All mechanics — Russian. The team leader, chief engineer of the team, telemetry engineer and engineer-designer, responsible for the development of racing Lada Vesta, — Russian. Pilots — from Britain, France and Holland. Racing engineers pilots — the representatives of the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. Engineers minders — from the French company Oreca.

Internal command language — English.

At step

What do all these people? Believe me, every one of them — an important bonding element of a complex mechanism. Racing pilots, engineers are working closely with the team leader and chief engineer: define a strategy in the race, the machine settings (based on the specific characteristics of the road, weather conditions, driving style of each of the pilots), analyze the telemetry onbordy tests and qualifications. Before the stage, along with the pilots, they are walking along the road, analyzing the configuration chicane turns and straight.

Telemetrist engineer collects telemetry data from each of the machines after each of the races to transfer engineers to further analysis.
Mechanics implement engineering solutions in the car, doing the settings operative repair, as well as the overall preparation of cars and boxes (boxes on the stage of construction, car wash, pasting logos, etc.).

Team manager, and his assistant, responsible for coordinating all work (logistics teams and cars, household needs, catering, coordination of work with the FIA ​​and the stewards in the framework of the weekend, the responsibility for the implementation of the sports rules of the championship). The team manager also accompanies trailers with cars throughout the European round of the WTCC to promptly solve the problems of customs and border crossings.

Team Leader — like any leader, responsible for everything. He coordinates the work of engineers, holds meetings with pilots, is the main speaker of the front of the media.

What about the pilots? They are, in addition to direct work on the road, have a lot of PR-features. Within each race weekend held promomeropriyatiya with local media — press conferences, photo shoots and participation in various events and shows. Also on Sunday before the race takes a great autograph session with fans at the circuit, which is required to participate.

Life team painted literally by the minute. Jobs, transportation, breakfast, lunch, dinner and other activities — all planned out in advance. Make a step to the right or to the left — just once! After the stage, immediately after the race begins dismantling boxes and loading vehicles or trailers command (if European phase) or in containers of the organizers of the championship, which centrally via DHL takes logistics (if further stages in Asia, America). The team goes on.

Between steps

After all stages is given a few days off. But then the work begins, each — his own. Engineers working on improving the design and machine parts. Team manager and his assistant are preparing for the next stage (booking of hotels, flights, transfers command organization, visa support, the order and organization of delivery of spare parts, etc.). A team leader, among other things, is the general director of LLC «Lada Sport» and also responsible for the production and sale of road versions of sports cars Lada Togliatti — Granta Sport, Kalina Sport.

Pilots are leaving their homes, which are mainly engaged in fitness training. Also, between the round of the WTCC, they can participate in other races, not to lose so valuable for them to «roll forward.» For example, Rob Huff before the final WTCC 2015 in Qatar will perform in the race TCR in Macau, and in the framework of racing at the Nurburgring round of the WTCC, he also participated in the event «24 Hours Nürburgring.» Nicky Katsburg recently won the race «24 hours of Spa Francorchamps», and also participates in the Blancpain Endurance Series this year. Nicolas Lapierre and between stages in Japan and China has been at the races in the United States.

A specialist in marketing and media relations is engaged in providing all the PR work of the team, work with sponsors (reporting, analytics), administer the site and all social networks team, preparing releases, interviews, comments to the media, as well as marketing activities (souvenirs, work with fans, to promote the coordination of work with Eurosport — promoter of the championship). Directly on the stage is also working with the pilots on promomeropriyatiyah.

Team Style

Speaking of the team, we can not tell you that we are with you allows you to get to know her car and pilots among the other participants — the design and style. Corporate identity of the team Lada Sport Rosneft developed by chief designer of JSC «AVTOVAZ» (also known as the designer of the car Vesta) — Briton Steve Mattin. It can be traced in everything — from cars coloring and design of boxing, to outfit drivers and team clothing.

Partners Team

The most important thing, without which in general is difficult to imagine motorsport and racing team, I left for dessert. Motorsports — is a sport of advanced technologies, innovative solutions, testing and discovery. All this requires a financial investment. Each racing team aims to attract partners.

General sponsor of the team Lada Sport 2015 — Rosneft, so the team is now called the Lada Sport Rosneft. «Why should all support motor racing sponsor?» — You ask. «Rosneft» in general, strongly supports professional sports. The desire for new achievements, determination, the will to win — all of these elements are fundamental sports culture and business philosophy. But this is of course not all. For example, this year «Rosneft» also became a partner, present themselves directly to the WTCC in Russia and China.

Before the season 2016 the team first is modifying an existing vehicle rather than create a new one, as it was in previous seasons (in 2013 prepared racing «Grant», in 2014 — because of the change of technical regulations WTCC had again «from scratch „build the car class TC1 based on“ Grants », in 2015 — to build a completely new" News "). Of course, it gives you more opportunities to improve the competitiveness of the car, more detailed study of «bottlenecks», more in-depth test program. Therefore, expectations for the 2016 season, more than for the debut of the 2015 Lada Vesta. Team Lada Sport Rosneft expects to fight for podiums and victories in every race.

Photo: Svetlana Parfyonov and Lada Sport Rosneft

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Svetlana Parfenova column,

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