Final SMP RSKG to Kazan Ring: the decisive battle in five classes

At the final stage of the Russian pilots on September 19–20 Series circuit racing pilots will fight for sesquialteral points.

Very soon will be announced the names of Champions and the Cup of Russia in the most prestigious tournament of the ring countries — Russia Series racing circuit. Participation in the final races Mika Salo will bring more intrigue: Can the ex-pilot of Formula 1 and winner of the «24 Hours of Le Mans» to overtake the Russian athletes on the track in Kazan?

At the last six rounds, which took place on the slopes of «Nizhny Novgorod ring», «Smolensk Ring», «Sochi Circuit», Kazan Ring and the Moscow Raceway, pilots had two races. Points are awarded the top ten for the win in every race is awarded 25 points. In addition, one point can be earned for the fastest lap in qualifying and each race, so the maximum of the usual stage — 53 points.

But now, at the decisive stage, everything can change: in Kazan, points will be awarded a semi-factor and will enable pilots to put into a piggy bank to 79.5 points! Therefore, the list of contenders for the awards at the end of the season is extremely large.

The top-end competition «Touring» contains the most powerful, fast and beautiful race cars. It's 320 and BMW — at their analogues play the European Cup FIA ETCC. This spectacular SEAT Leon Cup Racer, who came to the SMP RSKG simultaneously with world championship TCR International Series, a unique Renault Megane RS, which debuted in the racing circuit through the efforts of the Russian team. It's the only class, where the winner of the season decided in the penultimate stage: Alexey Dudukalo of LUKOIL Racing Team ahead of schedule won another title. However, for the remaining awards will inflame the real battle: the silver and bronze compete Vitaly Larionov Roman Golikov, Rustam Akiniyazov Anton Badoev. As demonstrated last stages, to predict who will be the vice-champion, you can not!

The competition «super-production» for the Cup of Russia claimed just four athletes on the cars of three brands! The leader of the season is Maksim Chernev a stylish coupe Subaru BRZ RCRS, but the chances of winning remain Maxim Simonov, piloting LADA Granta, and riders on Honda Civic Andrey Yushin Pavel Yashin.

200-strong «Lada Kalina NFR», Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, Renault Twingo, SEAT Ibiza... This class of «Turing-Light», where athletes compete not only Russian, but also the international level! Leader of the standings Dmitry Bragin last year won the European Cup FIA ETCC, Ildar Rakhmatullin — two-time runner-European rally-cross. Andrei Maslennikov, Andrey Sevastyanov Vladimir Cherevan — winners of Russian competitions in various disciplines, Andrei Nikolayev — Vice-champion of the country in the «Touring» and winner of the European Cup. But only one of the magnificent seven will win the league title on the track Kazan Ring.

The set-off National allow cars produced in Russia. This LADA Kalina both generations, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Kia Rio and even VAZ-2101. Participation of Finnish celebrity Mika Salo in the last stage does not bring him the Cup of Russia, but may affect the positions of the permanent members SMP RSKG.

Therefore, the winner may be any of the five most experienced pilots.

They may become restless Dmitry Bragin? Or compatriot Daniil Kvyat — Albert Gainullin? Chances at Togliatti pilots Vladimir Sheshenina and Paul Kalmanovich, but fewer opportunities in Kazan Aydar Nureyev. Stages in Tatarstan, where the company pilots SMP RSKG up and participants in the regional championship, is traditionally characterized by a record number of applications, vibrant struggles and a lot of contact — in the back of the field of 30 cars is not easy to keep the lead, even highly experienced masters.

Finally, in Kazan for the first time determined the winner of the junior championship RSKG. While it is leading a 14-year-old Gleb Kuznetsov Volkswagen Polo Sedan, but it comes on the heels of 17-year-old Julia Strukov. Sergey Golovanov, Alexei Gusev Vladislav Sheen and qualify for the title will not be able, but will compete with each other silver and bronze.

Series leader of the Russian ring races before the finale


1. Alexey Dudukalo (Khimki, SEAT Leon, LUKOIL Racing) 289 
2. Vitaly Larionov (Moscow, BMW 320si, AMG Motorsport) 169 
3. Roman Golikov (Moscow, SEAT Leon, LUKOIL Racing) 161

Touring Light
1. Dmitry Bragin (Tolyatti, LADA Kalina NFR, LADA Sport ROSNEFT) 202 
2. Ildar Rakhmatullin (Kazan, Renault Twingo, SUVAR MOTORSPORT) 153 
3. Andrew MASLENNIKOV (Pushkino, Ford Fiesta, Moscow Motorsport) 136

Super Production
1. Max Black (Ekaterinburg, Subaru BRZ RCRS, personal credit) 142 
2. Maxim Simon (Syzran, LADA Granta, Syzran Racing Team) 96,5 
3. Andrey Yushin (St. Petersburg, Honda Civic, Neva Motorsport) 96.5

1. Dmitry Bragin (Tolyatti, LADA Kalina, TAIF MOTORSPORTS) 170 
2. Paul Kalmanovich (Tolyatti, LADA Kalina, AKOM LADA Sport) 138 
3. Albert Gainullin (n. Oktyabrsky, LADA Kalina, Special-Avtoplast Motor Sport)) 138

Junior championship RSKG
1. Gleb Kuznetsov (Moscow, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, B-Tuning) 90 
2. Julia Strukovo (Kursk, LADA Kalina, personal credit) 78 
3. Sergei GOLOVANOV (Bronnitsy, LADA Kalina, personal credit) 50

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