Chip-tuning as a way of working with the computer

Speaking about the work with the computer, the term «chip tuning» is to provide separately.

In the first article in the series on how to configure the engine and cardinality of the stands, we talked about options ECU used in the finalization of the vehicle. Speaking about the work with the computer, the term «chip tuning» is to provide separately, so we decided not to devote a few lines in the paper, and the whole material.

In short, chip tuning — a modification of the regular engine control unit. Initially, the chip-tuning (chip tuning) is a substitution or rewriting chip EPROM (erasable programmable read only memory), which is located directly in the electronic engine control unit, transmission, or other unit.

That is, the chip desoldering from board, it changed the program and then the default installation of the chip back. Hence, there was the name of this kind of tuning. But why are we talking about him in the past tense? The fact that this procedure is chip-tuning looked in 1980 — 1990-ies.

Today, the term chip tuning used by inertia, to describe the procedure in which has not physically replace chips. Now, usually, a flash memory is built into the processor. And modern cars, whether Volkswagen Golf, Porsche, Bentley, Range Rover and others. You can tune in the normal control unit — of course, if you have the right amount of knowledge.

That is, in principle, all «rests» in knowledge and experience, because a modern control unit has broad capabilities and whether the programmer to use them, and the tuner — it is a big question. Information unencrypted manufacturers do not provide for any money, so it all depends on whether a particular expert was able to get data from some of their sources or could not...

So, modern engine control units, for the most part, can be reprogrammed via the diagnostic OBD connector or special engineering connector BDM. At the same time, there are many parameters that can be changed when the chip tuning and each of them affects not only the power of the engine, but also on such important figures in the modern world as economical and environmentally friendly.

What you need to know about chip tuning

The most important settings that are optimized when the chip-tuning: ignition control, fuel injection control, control of boost pressure. This also applies to gasoline and diesel engines.

Best of all, the result of chip-tuning is visible on the turbo. At the same time raising the boost pressure of the turbocharger gives tangible addition power only in conjunction with proper correction of the ignition timing and fuel injection. Atmospheric engines receive a substantial increase in capacity (15%) only if the factory motor deforsirovan or in regular program, there are clear discrepancies. In other cases, you can count only 8–10% increase in horsepower.

Assuming normal use and timely maintenance, chip tuning does not affect the life of the engine. And, best of all, the new control program can not be detected by the dealer for maintenance and diagnostics. So after chip-tuning car warranty is fully preserved.

Software tools for chip-tuning

The most common way chip tuning — program. It represents a change in the program in a normal engine control unit. Programming can be done through the diagnostic OBD connector or, if unable to access the diagnostic program management, when connected directly to the computer or directly to the flash memory EPROM.

Chip-tuning in the «old» form

If we talk about desoldering flash memory, of course, there is a machine to which this method is applicable to this day. For example, Mitsubishi Pajero. There are also USB flash drive all desoldering, it is read from the information is updated, recorded on a new USB flash drive, and set in place. This procedure involves the use of regular block and regular recalibration of the program, that is not necessary to change the engine control unit.

Chip-tuning gearbox

Chip-tuning is available for gearboxes DSG / automatic transmission / CVT and provides the following capabilities:
— Realization of the full power of the engine in all gears without limitation box,
— Faster and more precise shifting between gears due to the correct timing of torque,
— Reduction of the thermal load on the box due to less slippage during switching,
— Better throttle response due to hold revolutions in the zone of optimal torque
for everyday driving — comfort in traffic due to fewer unnecessary switching.

When chip tuning the gearbox, it is important to make sure that it is in full working order and does not require repair. Firmware can not correct errors in the original box faulty.

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