Electronic engine control units: Staff vs stand alone unit

The engine of your car is thinking and why to go into the «brains», if not change them?

Электронные блоки управления двигателем: штатный блок vs stand alone Вся галерея мероприятия

Our editorial staff has conceived for you to prepare a series of articles about how to configure the engine and on the cardinality stands. After all, everyone who wanted tuning your car, sooner or later faces the need that same setting and with the need to measure power. However, proper operation of the computer and on the dyno measurement are useful not only for racing cars, but also for civilians. Let's start from the beginning.

Electronic engine control unit «tells» how to operate the motor, «thinks» for him —naznachenie block crystal clear already from the title. In some cases, you can get a full-time computer and when to replace it? And, perhaps, to establish a sub-computer? Finding the right answers, I went to specialists in this field who have experience tuning sports cars in 2004, the Moscow company MORENDI. Fans Dragtimes known, for example, their projects on the basis of Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (W204) Coupe — Morendi-Weistec capacity of 700 liters. s., which debuted in May 2015 competitions Unlim 500+.

I managed to talk with Eugene Pustovoytova, CTO MORENDI.

— What are the control units you are working?

— Speaking about the setting in the classical form, when we take the stand alone control unit, we prefer Haltech and Vi-PEC. They are as comfortable as possible in the work plan: intuitive and beautiful interface, in the presence of all the configuration options. And they say, the most bug-free. What else can you work? Naturally, the classic A'PEXi, which are popular for Japanese cars. You can take and AEM, but personally I do not like: bad soft and poorly thought out, causing unnecessary difficulties in the process of adjustment, plus they are very unreliable hardware. AEM often fail. To the extent that you pull out a new unit out of the box, and he was buggy.

— Haltech can approach is perfect for any car?

— In principle, yes, but there are certain limitations. Enough new series, which appeared five years ago, Haltech Platinum Sport, different number of supported channels. That is 8000-series (Haltech Platinum Sport 8000) can be operated with a 4-cylinder engine, sequential fuel injection and ignition, and the 2000 series has been running since the 8-cylinder engines, allows you to use timer in the ignition system, set mutually parallel injection, up to 12 cylinders. Now Haltech a new series of control units, and there is support and dual-channel electronic throttle and ignition of two channels, and sensor control detonation. Setting via Haltech «amenable to» any modern engines with up to four controlled camshafts. You can also adjust the intake-output two cylinder head (if we talk about modern subarovskie motors and V8).

— Tell us about the use of sub-computer.

— Sub-computer is typically used in cases where the regular setting unit, or are not, or are too «overhead.» For example, if we are talking about the Japanese cars of release since 1990's at approximately 2005, they often use sub-computers GReddy e-manage. In Haltech and other companies also have sub-computers. With their help, you can adjust the fuel-air mixture (slightly), firing angles, charging and other parameters. This kind of «patching» the decision, but sometimes it is justified, because in this way it is possible not expensive to implement required changes and readjust the machine. As I said above, when there is no way to reprogram regular controller, put the sub-computers, trompe l'oeil, power-boxes and stuff, that change in sensor readings or change the signals that go to the actuator, thus raising the power of the engine. Typically, lying supercharging vary the firing angles. On diesel engines rising pressure common rail rail or directly changing the signal to pump that begins to give more fuel. It briefly. But we must understand that any sub-computer, snag, and the like — it's less reliable and less deliberate decision to install than the tuning unit. This, at least, can be dangerous if there comes any emergency operation of the engine. Sub-computer does not see it and continues to change. For example, the engine may be asked to reduce the power, that is, to reduce the injection, reduce the boost and the «box», without seeing the reason why this is happening, continues to do its job by increasing the power and thus can get very bad consequences.

— On what basis for a specific tuning of the project selected a particular computer?

— By and large, any engine can be configured for stand alone unit. But as a rule, the use of such a unit is more about sport in one form or another. If we are talking about the everyday car, modern engines better adjust to normal the control unit, which is many times greater functionality. None of the modern most expensive Motec or something like that does not allow to implement in full the functions that can allow staff to implement the same engine control unit, for example from Bosch. If it's Bosch Siemens Continental, so any Bosch, its functionality is superior to any Motec most feature-rich with the most expensive options.

— Such regular control unit is in the machines from which year?

— A long time ago. They are used from the end of the 1980s, and are becoming more and more difficult. At the moment the «Diesel» — a unit EDC17, on petrol engines — a Bosch MEDC17. It is truly a highly complex units, using about 30 000 Table calibration of the individual parameters. As you know, no one stand alone unit does not provide such functionality.
But we must understand that it is often on modern cars is not possible to reprogram regular control unit: closed access or passwords, or even no protocol that will work with it. Then, using a sub-computer or the computer is completely changed.

Svetlana Parfenova column,

Andrey Krinkin,

Andrey Krinkin,

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