Aston Martin DB5 — one of the best cars of James Bond

The first of the 007 machines, the image of which was closely associated with the world-famous British superspy — is Aston Martin DB5. To this day, this vehicle is considered one of the most stylish and probably the most beautiful in the history of the development of his company's products.

For the first time behind the wheel of Aston Martin DB5 James Bond was in the movie «Goldfinger», filmed in 1964. Then he drove for Aston Martin and other motion pictures — «Golden Eye», «Thunderball», «Tomorrow Never Dies», «Casino» Royal «and even» Coordinates «Skayfoll.»


Mass production Aston Martin DB5 lasted only a couple of years — from 1963 to 1965: GT class car produced as a continuation of a series of DB4. In total, the manufacturer has changed compared to its predecessor almost two hundred pieces!

Modification DB5 DB4 different from the increased volume of aluminum engine with 3.7 liters. up to 4.0 liters. — This engine was available on the DB4 Vantage since March 1962, and has become the standard for the release of Aston Martin c DB5 in September 1963. Motor was named Tadek Marek, on behalf of its founder — the designer of the Polish immigrant.

Overall dimensions of the Aston Martin DB5 as follows: length 4572 mm, width 1676 mm, height 1346 mm. The wheelbase of the car is 2489 mm. Weight DB5 — 1466 kg. Drive — rear. The chassis were installed disc brakes Girling, who had previously used exclusively on DB4 GT, and 15-inch spoke wheels.

In addition to the engine with increased power DB5 got a new 5-speed transmission ZF (except for some of the first cars), and three carburetor Skinners Union. Although at first it was a standard 4-speed manual (with overdrive). As a result, a car with a six-cylinder 285-horsepower engine could reach a maximum speed of 233 km / h (145 miles / h). Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 8 seconds — and it's pretty good for a sports car 60s of XX century.

The standard DB5 were such pleasant options like reclining chairs, woolen carpets, power windows, two fuel tanks, chrome wheels, oil cooler made of magnesium alloy, created by technology Superleggera, leather interior and a fire extinguisher. But the air conditioning, which at that time were already very relevant owners DB5 could get only option. The main drawback is the lack of power steering. As additional equipment was available 3-speed automatic transmission Borg-Warner, which was soon after replaced by DB6 Borg-Warner Model 8. All models DB5 produced in 2-door coupe 4 places.


Aston Martin DB5 — a very rare car, two years of series production of this model was released only 1023 machines:
65 machines have the prefix in the name of Vantage, and are characterized by high capacity — up to 315 liters. s., and the acceleration to 96 km / h was reduced to 6.5 seconds, reinforced by steel brake vacuum tank is a nice addition to the owners of this model.

123 car had a convertible body, and LHD convertibles were produced only 19 units. Of the total number of convertibles allocated 12 cars with engines Vantage. Prior to 1965, inclusive, convertibles called Aston Martin DB5 Cabriolet, and only in the next generation were renamed the usual Volante. Although in 1965 the British released three cars Aston Martin Volante in 1965, which differed from the standard convertibles shortened wheelbase and powered Vantage.

The most rare is a modification of the DB5 shooting brake, with four wagon-type body, a total of 12 such machines, with a single prototype was built for the company owner David Brown, and another 11 cars were converted into an independent studio shooting brake Harold Radford & Co Limited at the request of holders Aston Martin DB5.

Classic Aston Martin DB5 — a rarity, the owners of the car model, the number of which barely exceeds one thousand, a priori given the status of a true connoisseur and collector of automotive history.

Film version

Ian Fleming, author of a series of books about the British superspy, who admired the quality of their Aston Martin DB Mark III, introduced the car in her book. However, in contrast to the film, the book vehicle was equipped with a very poor set of auxiliary spyware options.

Meticulous Bond fans noticed that when meeting the 007 with its new war-horse discrepancy occurred: «And where Bentley?» — Said Bond. «Bentley has outlived its» — snapped Q. It sounds very strange, because it was the personal car of Bond and M16 to the organization had nothing to do.

Originally scripted agent Mr Bond had to manage Aston Martin DB Mark III, the sports version of the model DB2. But when it's time to shoot, there was already a model DB5. This car is charged various gadgets, has become a real star of the film «Goldfinger.»

Aston Martin DB5 became a spy supermobil after over him in the movie worked engineer handyman under the strange name of «Dr. Q», which was engaged in the following series of spy ammunition 007. He, the plot, the maximum equipped cars Bond possible espionage filling: guns Brauning, grenade launchers, the blades in the wheel hubs, smoke bombs, and even before the oil spill function pursuers. The driver's seat has been bronespinku and ejection system. The barrels of the guns were put forward sidelights, smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, oil drizzling from there. To go «for her» in France or Switzerland, 007 could change the license Gosznak the comfort of the cabin with the button — plate changing special spinning reels. It's over, no radar and radiotelephone spy too, could not do without. Additional protection was reinforced around the perimeter of the glass, watched the monitor on the dashboard had a range of 150 miles.

Where can I find

«Goldfinger» was the third film in the James Bond: Sean Connery unflappable, who played Agent 007, skillfully manipulating the levers and buttons with secret functions superhero car, mercilessly destroy his pursuers, as clearly affects his beautiful companion. It was with this film «bondmobil» became «bondmobilem» — sports, preferably silver and essential functions of spyware, carefully laid Department Dr. Kew.

In the future, this car can be found for at least five films about the agent of British intelligence. In 1965 there was a new motion picture titled «Thunderball» (Thunder ball), in which Sean Connery once again behind the wheel of Aston Martin DB5. Now in the arsenal of the superspy was jetpack that allows the vehicle to fly in an emergency.

Then the legendary Aston Martin DB5 can be seen in his debut film, Pierce Brosnan, who succeeded Sean Connery for the role of James Bond. «Golden Eye» (Golden Eye) begins with a frame where 007 is driving a sports car DB5. More car in the picture does not appear.

In one of the episodes of the famous Aston Martin DB5 flashed in the next Bond film — «Tomorrow Never Dies» (Tomorrow Never Dies) 1997, to once again return to the nine years. In 2006 in the film «Casino Royale» (Casino Royale) were shown once two car brand Aston Martin, one of which was a simple serial DB5 1965 release, so even with the left rudder. Its a hero Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan has replaced, and wins poker at one of your opponents.

The last full-fledged emergence of Aston Martin DB5 was in the film «007: Coordinates Skayfoll» (Skyfall). Time the movie was released allowed for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of James Bond, so the filmmakers simply could not use the car.

The most beautiful, the most coveted

DB5 often recognized the most beautiful model of all that has ever made Aston Martin. DB5 from the James Bond by far the most expensive priced car and events pertaining to the film industry, whose image has become closely associated with the legendary superspy.

Total filmmakers used four vehicles: two of them were directly involved in the set, the other two were used to advertise the film «Goldfinger» in 1964 (Goldfinger).

The car, which participated in the filming of the movie, was the first production model DB5. Six weeks later, having passed through the hands of a specialist in special effects John Steers and his team, the car turned into supergadzhet and won a huge following around the world.

In the summer of 1997 cult car irreconcilable fighter against global crime, he was abducted from his American owner of the hangar in which it was kept and is still at large. According to one version he was killed, on the other — it has turned into a coral reef off the coast of Florida. Thief can understand — rare cars are very much appreciated: one of the first James Bond DB5 was sold at auction in 1986 for 275,000 dollars.

The second was sold from the factory back in 1969 for $ 12,000 on behalf of the buyer Mr. Jerry Lee — this car safely survived until 2010. In 1968, an employee of Aston Martin, said that after the shooting the car was fully restored before went on sale and became the standard model, like everyone else. Fortunately for fans of James Bond, the new owner of the car has restored all of the options that gave incredible «slope» of the car. After the restoration it has acquired a private collector from Cincinnati Iggy Harry (Harry Yeaggy) at auction in London for 4.6 million. Dollars.

Earlier in 2006, an auction for 2.1 million. Dollars was sold and one of the Aston Martin DB5, involved in advertising. His partner on promotions to this day is in the museum in the Netherlands, and is also being evaluated in a fabulous sum.

By the way

Abbreviation DB is the initials of David Brown (David Brown), the owner of Aston Martin in the period from 1947 to 1972.

It was David Brown offered the film company United Artists used Aston Martin DB5 as a «product placement» — is receiving hidden advertising, when he demonstrated the advertised product or its logo, or it is mentioned in a good quality. Adoption of the proposed paid for the film «Goldfinger» before reaching the screen.

After the film the car has become so associated with the transport of James Bond that Brown proposed to change its initials in JB. The owner of the company Aston Martin agreed, but on condition that it is now for «product placement» filmmakers will pay him. Modifications of the names of modern models clear what this history has ended.

Aston Martin DB5 appeared in other movies, «Cannonball Race» (1969); «Charlie's Angels» (2003); the animated film «Cars 2» (2011), where it became the prototype DB5 character Finn McMissile.

Stirlitz never dreamed of

After seeing the film «Goldfinger», delivered in the Soviet Union, through diplomatic channels, the chairman of the KGB of that time, Colonel-General Vladimir E. Sevenfold scientists gathered demanding to create the same car for the KGB. On his orders, he was assembled GAZ «Volga»: in the front wing niches masked two PKT machine gun, silencer supplied smoke-producing device, introduced a system of turning even numbers. The only instance of this car was sent to the Soviet Consulate General in West Berlin. Super «Volga» served there for 25 years, and after the unification of Germany was decommissioned and sold to a private collector.

Things museum

January 15, 2012 a unique exhibition hall of the National Museum of the British motor industry in the village of Beaulieu opened for visitors cars of the famous British spy. The exhibition was held in honor of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films and lasted a year. In honor of this event were first collected all cars, motorcycles, planes, boats and other appliances of films about 007 exhibits collected from all over the world: the exhibition organizers appealed to the Eon Production (producers of James Bond), the Fund of Ian Fleming, the museum Louwman Holland, Volvo museum in Sweden and car museum Florida Dezer.

The hardest thing to get it turned Aston Martin DB5: Museum Louwman was ready to provide a car for 3 months, but the company Aston has established compensation for the provision of a museum piece, it can extend to six months.

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