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Action-Series from BMW

BMW has announced the premiere of «Escape» a new short film.
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«Fast & Furious 8» rush into theaters on jet speed

Dodge Charger of the hero Vin Diesel equipped with a jet engine.
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Supercars in «Transformers 5»

In the new film «Transformers: The Last Knight» removed Mercedes-AMG GT R, Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang.
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Camaro for «Transformers»

The director of «Transformers» has shown the new Camaro for the fifth film of the series.
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50 years kinozhizni Miura

The creators of the Lamborghini Miura celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the shooting of the model in the movie «The Italian Job».
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«Fast & Furious 8 „visit to Cuba

The creators of the next series of the popular franchise «Fast and Furious» have prepared the first story about the shooting.
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Last bondmobil Sean Connery — Ford Mustang Mach I

1971 gave fans the film version of the novel about the 007 new film — «Diamonds are forever», as the British spy was the first time behind the wheel of American Ford Mustang Mach I.

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Aston Martin DBS — Bond's Aston Martin second

In 1969 he was presented to the sixth film about the harsh everyday life of the legendary superspy British intelligence — «On Her Majesty's Secret Service».

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Toyota 2000GT — bondmobil that Bond did not rule

The film «You Only Live Twice» was released in theaters in 1967, ie during the life of Ian Fleming, author of the book. This is the fifth film about the British intelligence spy, played by Sean Connery unique.

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Aston Martin DB5 — one of the best cars of James Bond

The first of the 007 machines, the image of which was closely associated with the world-famous British superspy — is Aston Martin DB5. To this day, this vehicle is considered one of the most stylish and probably the most beautiful in the history of the development of his company's products.

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