International Endurance Series

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Jackie Chan is going to Le Mans

Die Hard will try to split the marathon «24 hours of Le Mans.»

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Panoramic tour of «Mount Panorama»

The winners of the race «12 o'clock Bathurst —2015» and silver medalists this year marathon presented a video with a circle around the track.

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Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour — race with the story

While Europe is experiencing is not very clear winter in the southern hemisphere, the Motorsport is gaining momentum.

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Bentley in fact!

Bentley is ready to return to endurance racing.

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24 Hours of Daytona. The Europeans won a landmark victory

The prototype LMP2 category for the first time overtook its American «brothers» category DP

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«24 Hours of Daytona»: pole position in the class prototypes remained behind Russian

Pilot SMP Racing driving a car BR-01 in difficult wet conditions got the victory in qualifying for his crew.

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«24 Hours in Dubai» open season 2016 endurance racing

Every year in mid-January at the circuit of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates Endurance goes first — the opening of the season, daily marathon «24 Hours in Dubai» in a series of International Endurance Series powered by Hankook.