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Power «on wheels»

Learning why you need a dyno to measure and why the car power, in this article we delve a little into the matter and examine the differences between the power car «on wheels» and «with a flywheel.»
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Engine dynamometer

In our series of materials dedicated to setting up the internal combustion engine and power stands, we talked about ECU versions used in refining, chip-tuning and that why bother to measure power. Now what is measured power.
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Alone on the «Formula 1». Baku. European Grand Prix

In our series of stories about independent travel in the «Formula 1», the newest trail — Baku City Circuit, which will debut a few days ago, on June 17–19.
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Alone on the «Formula 1». Hungary. Hungaroring

From the most expensive and prestigious European Grand Prix Formula 1 Monaco, we move on to perhaps the most accessible to visit the stage of F1 in Europe — the Hungarian Grand Prix.
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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

The guide on the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, I mentioned about Ferrari World Abu Dhabi — the world's first theme park dedicated to Ferrari. I'll tell you more about it.
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Alone on the «Formula 1». Abu Dhabi

What stage of the Championship can be compared with the royal Monaco Grand Prix for luxury? Of course, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
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Alone on the «Formula 1». Russia. Sochi

Today we share our experience visiting «Formula 1» in Sochi, especially since the Grand Prix of Russia 2016 very soon: April 28 — May 1.
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Alone on the «Formula 1». Malaysia. Sepang

In our next visit to independent travel in the «Formula 1» we tell you about the track Sepang.
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Alone on the «Formula 1». Monaco

We continue to share the experience of independent travel in the «Formula 1», and this time we go to Europe, in Monaco.
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Alone on the «Formula 1». Australia. Albert Park

Once flashed the idea of ​​a trip to the other side of the world, where people walk upside down, but the roots of the trees grow up, become a reality...
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Alone on the Formula 1. Japan. Suzuka

Visiting phase of Formula 1 — an excellent opportunity to obtain visa of the rising sun, and allows you to quickly go through passport control at the airport. Although not always the case.

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The ride in the Toyota Museum in Japan

«Progress is not achieved if you fear failure.» Shotaro Kamiya, president of Toyota Motor Sales Company, 1957

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Rauh-welt Begriff. Personal acquaintance with descriptions. Part 2: Nakai-san

«To be honest, if it were only for business, I could do much more simple kit and tell everyone — hey, why do not you put this on your machine...» — Akira Nakai
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Rauh-welt Begriff. Personal acquaintance with descriptions. Part 1: week on the Shinkansen *

«Build your car, investing his own soul» — Akira Nakai.