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Entourage for every taste

Lexus RC F — is more than just a project, built for the exhibition SEMA.
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Green beast

Sometimes tuning lovers decide to base the very unusual cars that no one is eager to buy even in everyday life.
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Mazda RX-7 — the creation of a monster

Abandoned car, get a new life and the engine of 850 horsepower, and now thanks for the salvation of the new owner.
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The ideal prototype. Tuned Audi RS4, which has never been

Audi has never produced a sports version B5 RS4 series sedan, not counting the two secret factory prototypes. Fredrik Almkvist knew about this sad fact and took matters into his own hands. Thus was born a beautiful Audi RS4 in color Nogaro Blue!
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The fate of the 8-liter El Camino Street Outlaws of the show

Regular viewers reality show Street Outlaws is the El Camino is well known. He is known in the amateur racing environment. Meanwhile, this machine has its own, to a certain extent a tragic story.
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26'Ford: This “two in one”

This unprepossessing-looking hot rod on the idea of ​​the author Bates Clark is equally suitable for both racing and for cruising.
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Rethinking the classics. Ian Callum built Jaguar Mark 2

One of the leading experts in the field of automotive design was able to realize his childhood dream come true by transforming one of the best friends in the world of sports sedans.
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Incredible «cobalt»

For the human body a large amount of cobalt is harmful and is fraught with problems. But when it comes to the sports version of the Chevrolet with the name of the metal, it is all the opposite.
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Infatuated with the aerodynamics. Part 5

We continue our story about the life and work of a native of the Russian Empire, Alexis de Sahnoffski who left a considerable and a bright trace in the history of automotive design.
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«10-second» of the machine from the real world. Part 2

Continuing the story of a small car, not only showing on «quarter» for about 10 seconds, and are used by their owners to everyday life.
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Infatuated with the aerodynamics. Part 4

The incredible story of the incredible Cord
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«10-second» of the machine from the real world. Part 1

This term is probably familiar to our readers. Also likely on both sides of the ocean, many amateurs of fast driving are wondering: Is it possible?
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Infatuated with the aerodynamics. Part 3

We continue the story of the life and work of Count Alexis de Sahnoffski, which every day becomes more and more interesting and creative.
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T-bird-Gasser. Not pterodactyl, but progenitor (part 2)

In the early history of the T-bird-Gasser, we reviewed the status of ikonopodobny Ford Thunderbird. This «bird» because of wit leadership blue oval was a real ancestor of a separate segment — «personal luxury cars» (personal luxury car).
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Incredible T-bird-Gasser (part 1)

Typically, the basis for Gasserov serve classic Chevy 50, but this is based on the unusual for Gasserov Ford Thunderbird, and even the first generation, which is almost an icon.
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Love in aerodynamics (part 2)

We continue the story of Alexis de Sahnoffski column, leaving a considerable mark on the history of car design, actively defending the aerodynamic style «streamelining» since the 30s of the last century.
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Aerodynamics lover

Due to the aerodynamic design of addiction, certainly ahead of his time, came from the Russian Empire Count Alexis de Sahnoffski left a considerable mark on the history of car design.
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72’Chevrolet Chevelle: Favorite «not four-eyes»

This two-and who four lights — the question is not rhetorical. Try to understand the example of classical oil car Chevrolet Chevelle, in this case, «stuffed with» modern comfort and power 720-strong 7-liter engine from the Corvette.
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1956 Chevrolet Nomad: Nomadic history of «Rolling Stone»

The word translates as nomad «nomad» or «tramp» The history of the car, as well as the model itself, in its own way reminiscent of nomadic.
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Chevrolet Vega’72: This Vega boasts a GM!

In our latitudes, Vega name few people say that, but in the «states» it has become almost a household name. It is in this light and interesting choice of many, including Paul Lowes, during the construction of the drag-mobile.