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Unusual dregster NHRA. Part one

When the specifications were not as stiff and peremptory, engineering genius could manifest itself fully.

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Crazies NHRA. Multiengine dregster

One motor is good, but the two still need to tame. However, in the pursuit of seconds desperate daredevils decided that the engine is more, the better.

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Mad dregster. Little red wagon

Killer shows — has always been one of the most important components of any motorsport discipline.

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NHRA biography. Bill Jenkins

Guy comes from the sixties, I love mechanical boxes and good cigars. And then, and another — during the races on the drag strip!

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NHRA biography: Kenny Bernstein

The first champion of two classes of nitromethane, six-time champion NHRA (4 titles in Funny Car and 2 in Top Fuel).
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NHRA Funny Cars. When the trees were large

Progress and technological innovation — things are certainly necessary and important. But in the pursuit of perfection, sometimes we lose something more.

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NHRA. Women's share

If some sports division into male and female competition — given, the motor sport, in particular — drag racing, this is not. But do not mention a separate line of outstanding fine racers, we just can not.

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Jag Coughlin back to NHRA

Six-time champion of the most popular series of NHRA drag strip on the back in the 2016 season!

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NHRA Biography: Warren Johnson. Engineer, pilot, legend

«Drag racing — it's not rocket science. This is the most simplified form of engineering. You either won or lost. » Warren Johnson

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ESPN Top 40. Selective approach

Recently, one of the world's leading sports TV channel ESPN voted, in which was determined the most outstanding female athlete in the last forty years. About drag racing, even forgotten at the selection stage.

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Hot Rod Drag Week 2015. Part of the third and final

Hot Rod Drag Week returned to Gateway Motorsports Park, where he passed the final stage of the five-day marathon. Here they are, the events of the last day...

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Hot Rod Drag Week 2015. Part 2

We continue to talk about one of the most iconic events in the automotive life US — Hot Rod Drag Week.

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Hot Rod Drag Week 2015. Part 1

Hot Rod Drag Week — is unprecedented in nature and scope of the competition between pilots in the Sportsman class. Four strips, five days and more than a thousand miles of roads.

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5 unprecedented attempts to go beyond the ordinary

Technical decisions that had to be a real breakthrough for its time, the key to new records, and trophies. Could, but did not become...

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The accident that changed the world of drag racing forever

It is no secret that the safety rules and technical requirements are written not just out of my head. For many changes and strict requirements are a serious accident.

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In the class Top Fuel NHRA possible new record

In Seattle, Tony Schumacher, according to many experts, it had every chance to make the first ever 3.6-second ride.

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Bob Glidden. The first of the most renowned. Part 2

He walked to the titles without regard to the opinions of others. And win against all obstacles.

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Legendary dregster. Army Monza

The history of the most efficient dregster NHRA.