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NHRA. Hot «video highlights

We continue to share with you the most notable video reel from the global drag racing, and this time is really a lot of accidents.
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DragWeek 2016. Endurance Test

Unconditional victory Jeff Lutz on Hot Rod Magazine's Drag Week 2016
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NHRA. Children Drag

Children often follow in the footsteps of their parents, and drag racing is not an exception.
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NHRA. Do you remember how it all began

The path to the heights of all began differently. Someone with lower grades in the race, and some with a spanner mechanic keys.
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NHRA. Victory without a world title

Fact is fact. Victory and the league title is not always synonyms and twins. Often this parallel universes.
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NHRA. Slow down Funny Car

Minimal changes, increase the rate of cars in this class, immediately led to a «crackdown».
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NHRA. Seeing

We continue to share with you the most fresh and hot videos from the world of drag racing.
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Funny Car Performance

NHRA Technical Regulations vary extremely rare, and as for the power plants, their basic architecture remains unchanged since the founding of the Association itself.
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NHRA. This is a must see!

We bring you the categories in which we will share the most notable and relevant videos from the world of drag racing with a few comments.
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NHRA. History «turbirovanie»

Now the use of turbines in drag — as usual, and sometimes necessary. But there were times when it was «a revolutionary technical solution.»
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Houston, we have a problem

O'Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Spring Nationals this year turned out to be very fruitful for the engines raging and twisted fiberglass body.
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NHRA Drag Strip

The world-famous ring roads on everyone's lips. In drag racing, too, enough places with a rich history and its unique features.
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Snow dragsters

I think the motivation of the people who stood at the cradle of races in a straight line on a frozen lake, were simple to indecency: «Because we can» or «Why not?».
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NHRA-biography. Mickey Thompson

Rate Mickey Thompson contributed to the development of hot rodding, based on any of the usual criteria, is simply impossible.
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NHRA biography. Jim Lieberman

Jim «Jungle Jim» Lieberman takes the seventeenth place in the ranking of the best drivers of all time NHRA.
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Record Radial Tire Racing Association

Season different dregovyh series was launched only recently, however, the old records already in full collapse under the onslaught of the riders.
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Golden duel NHRA

The history of any motorsport discipline can be divided into certain milestones, if we take as the basic criterion for the confrontation between the two most outstanding pilots of his time.
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Arabic gambit

Lord of the Arab countries (in particular EKanoo Racing and Al Anabi Performance) have put a lot of rustling in the world of drag racing with their loud «record» for the last couple of years.
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NHRA. Achievements

It would seem that, for more than sixty-year history of professional drag racing was everything that could happen.
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NHRA 2016. The balance of power

The most striking episode of the second phase of the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series 2016 will definitely become a women's final in the class Top Fuel.
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NHRA. 10 funny accidents

On the drag strip there is a place not only records and breathtaking acceleration. Making viewers laugh pilots also know how. Often against their will.
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NHRA. Heroes Winternationals

In any sport beginning of the championship — it's stress and ordeal for everyone involved.
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Five of the best seasons of NHRA

None of the drivers was impossible to spend the season unbeaten, but the history of NHRA knows precedents when such achievements were just about to become a reality.

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Unusual dregster NHRA. Part two

We continue the story of the mechanics, who studiously avoided the traditional solutions and tested schemes, staying in the endless quest to wipe all the nose due to non-standard configurations, bolides.