Drag racing

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Japan and Germany met in drag racing

Reporters Auto Express brought in the race at full mile of Representatives of the Japanese and German car industry.
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Audi, Chevrolet and Mercedes-Benz agreed quarter

German journalists staged a race on a quarter mile of three different brands of modern coupe.
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Motor Trend has chosen the best of the best

The American magazine Motor Trend in September summed up the 2016, selecting the best of the best sports cars.
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«Pocket Rockets» fought on the mile

The British are experts in the compact hot hatch, so Auto Express made a drag race of two new models.
Andrew Krinkin, , 969, 0

Results Traxxas Nitro Shootout

Traxxas Nitro Shootout — the bonus race, which this year for the fifth time held in the biggest event the association U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis.
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Electric Opel bypassed «colleagues» in drag racing

Germans from Opel made a highly unusual both in distance and in the choice of opponents drag racing.
Andrew Krinkin, , 1119, 0

Andy Frost goes to Bahrain

The only problem is the Englishman has set records on kvotere — move the bar of pure time in the class.
Ksenia Turok, , 2689, 0

Croatian electric car beat Ferrari and Tesla

Rimac Concept One of Croatia surpassed on drag strip supergibrid LaFerrari and electric car Tesla Model S P90D.
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NHRA. Prudhomme vs Force. The duel of the century 26 years later

When the legend is back on the strip — it is always an event for the fans and all those involved in this sport.
Max Vershinin, , 1979, 0

United vs. US — Gasoline vs. electricity, etc.

British Autocar brought in the race on a quarter-mile sports car and McLaren 650S electric sedan Tesla Model S P85D.
Ksenia Turok, , 6454, 0

Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R dregovoy competed at a distance

The British magazine Evo made a competition between two-wheel drive «charged» hatchback.