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Pilots Formula E shared dreams

Riders Championship electric four-wheel spoke about their dreams.
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Albert Demchenko: “I was driving my father’s motorbike since I was 16”

Some time ago we announced that Albert Demchenko, famous luger, vice-champion of Sochi Olympic Games will participate in our speed festival Unlim 500+ Stage 12 “Dozen”. We are proud to present you an interview, famous athlete give to Maria Melnikova.

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Interview with Vladimir Ulanov, Nissan Juke R owner

For your attention is a video interview with Vladimir Ulanov — one of the regular Unlim 500+ participants, the begetter of the Shpilli-Villi Engineering tuning studio and also the creator and owner of a Nissan Juke R.

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Unlim 500+ people: Leonid Vilde

Today we welcome Leonid Vilde, the owner of the fastest car on the planet and Unlim 500+ regular participant.

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Unlim 500+ people: Sergey Ignatko

Today we welcome Sergey Ignatko — Unlim 500+ regular participant and the owner of the fastest Porsche on our planet.

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Unlim 500+ people: Oleg Kondakov

You are familiar with a lot of Unlim 500+ participants. You’ve seen some of them in our videos, met others during the stages. But now we decided to make an official introduction. So here comes our first guest — Oleg Kondakov and his Nissan GT-R (R35) Mk.1 DT1200 R.

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Unlim 500+ people: Dmitry Shabanov

Today we welcome Dmitry Shabanov — Unlim 500+ regular participant and multiple winner. He is also the owner of the fastest Porsche 911 Turbo in the world.

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Unlim 500+ people: Tamirlan Singariev

Many participants of Unlim 500 + are familiar to you. You've seen some of them in our clips, and the other during stages. Today we have decided to tell about our members in a more detailed way. So we are glad to introduce our guest, Tamirlan Singariev and his BMW M6 ESS VT3+ — some of the most active participants of Unlim 500+