Test drive

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The British made a Jeep and an airplane race

In the UK it held an unusual race — for the best lap time and the plane struggled Jeep.
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The Green Hornet: test drive Mercedes-Benz A220 4Matic

Once to leave the car in the parking lot as cars passing by from time to time began to be put out of curiosity and snapping smartphone camera.
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M4 vs. A45: BMW and Mercedes-AMG on quarter

Auto Bild journalists staged a race in a straight line for the two German car — a coupe and a hatchback.
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Turbo S and F-Type R agreed qvoter"

Evo Journalists staged a race on a quarter of a mile between the two sports coupe with all-wheel drive.
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LaFerrari and Super Duke pulled the rope

Contrary to the precepts of classic, in one team could make an Italian supercar and the Austrian motorcycle.
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300 reasons to go back to the car: test drive Volkswagen Golf R

— Kostya, e-my! Rubber will not stand! From the smoke? From brakes! — There is wider to disclose! Gas in the floor! Well, let's go «sideways», rowing four wheels...
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DT Test Drive — Audi R8 V10 Plus vs Lamborghini Huracan LP610–4

Today we have decided to answer the question which of the mid-engined sports car fun. After all, they are in a completely different price categories.
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Rule Britannia!

Autocar UK The journalists spent the next drag racing sports cars, collecting three machines from three different countries.
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Hennessey Performance «charged» GMC Yukon Denali

Large SUV GMC Yukon Denali addition brutal appearance and got the corresponding character from the studio Hennessey Performance.
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BMW has played in thimbles M2 Coupe

BMW, the Company issued an unusual promotional video of its compact coupe M2.
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The players swapped with riders

Manchester City Team athletes and Nissan GT Academy swapped to match themselves!
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Michelle Rodriguez tested the Jaguar F-Type SVR

The latest British coupe Jaguar F-Type SVR developed a 200 miles per hour under the control of Michelle Rodriguez.
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Chevrolet Camaro SS: «automatic» vs. «Mechanics»

American journalists have brought to the race on the quarter-mile, two identical Chevrolet Camaro SS, but with different transmissions.
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The new issue of DT Test Drive with 700 hp Nissan GT-R was shot in Dubai

The car, which has become a real proving ground for tuning in all possible variations and frayed nerves famous supercar manufacturers.

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Battle «hot hatch»: 308R HYbrid vs. RS3 Sportback

Reporters Evo brought on direct hatchback concept French and German serial 5-door.

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Well, finally, the fresh catch DT Test Drive c the new Ferrari 488 GTB!

So, the new Ferrari 488 GTB! In many ways, I compared it with the 458 Italy, as 488 came to her replacement. We loved the 458, and it was for that, now let's see what we love and hate 488.

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Drive monster truck with a panoramic view

BJ Baldwin introduced the next series of his video project Recoil.

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Honda held a master class for their riders

Japanese brand Honda transplanted their riders on two wheels for four.

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German duel 2: 2-Series vs. M4

Journalists from Auto Bild continued a series of comparisons of the BMW race at the quarter-mile.

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McLaren 650S and McLaren P1 came together in one race

In race one brought two British sports car McLaren — Model 650S and supergibrid P1.

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Clash of the Titans and auto motomire: Bugatti vs. BMW

Who is faster — a car or motorcycle?

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Two BMW M on one track

Journalists Auto Bild reduced in the race at the quarter-mile, two «charged» BMW.

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Duel of BMW drag strip: M3 vs. X5 M

In the race for a quarter mile came together two BMW — M3 coupe and crossover X5 M.

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Jaguar F-PACE trial will be held in Russia

Brand new Jaguar F-PACE will pass a series of tests in Russia. To this end the country delivered two crossover.