Tuning projects

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Adult toys with the motor by Viper

On eBay, appeared in selling BMW Z4 Coupe with engine from the Dodge Viper.
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1750 strong Lamborghini Gallardo put up for online auction site eBay

In the announcement of the sale of Lamborghini Gallardo, appeared on eBay, it is said that the power of the engine of the car is three times higher than the standard.
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Body race on electric cars in Hong Kong

The Chinese company, Formula Racing Development (FRD Motorsports) racing electric car built on the basis of Volkswagen e-Golf.
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«The second Russian custom Convention»

With 29 will be «second Russian custom Convention» on 31 July.
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Concept Replica left to his own opinion

На интернет-аукционе eBay выставили копию концепта для фильма Спилберга за 95 тысяч долларов.
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Ferrari in camouflage bought for $ 1.1 million

Bidding at auction in Cannes led «Cinema Against AIDS» fund, all proceeds from the sale go to charity.
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Honda Civic debuts in GRC

Honda presented the coupe to participate in the American championship Global RallyCross (GRC).
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Drifter crossed Chrysler 300C and Dodge Viper

David Uoterort built an unusual car for the competition by combining sedan and coupe.

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Ford F-100 53': pick-up (and women) are different

Culture pickups in the United States is a unique level, which can not argue no other country in the world.

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«Citizen of the World» AMG Mercedes auctioned

Rare coupe Mercedes-Benz SEC 1989 tune atelier AMG, for sale.

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Nissan Qashqai R — with the power of a sports car crossover

The family car with Nissan's GT-R capacity has appeared thanks to the efforts Severn Valley Motorsport.

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Toyota Supra from Nextmod: incredible limits

Tom Nguyen spent a lot of money, but tens of thousands of dollars, according to him, are the joy it gives a classic 697-strong Japanese car industry.

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Brill Steel Nissan S14 200SX — wildest in the world

1000 hp per ton of weight — that he made a monster in Italy for drift.