, , 433, 0

Pavel Nizkin, , 964, 0

, , 2114, 2, 0

Roman Smirnov, , 615, 0

IndyCar: Will Power to the title was not enough «power»

Simon Pagenaud was the champion of the series for the first time in his career.
Roman Smirnov, , 1047, 0

IndyCar. Watkins Glen has brought a team of Mikhail Aleshin a disappointment

None of the pilots SPM did not get to finish.
Roman Smirnov, , 1597, 0

Roman Smirnov, , 1118, 0

IndyCar. The Pocono Mikhail Aleshin was in one step from victory

Russian pilot made motorsport social networks and the media to talk about themselves
Pavel Nizkin, , 1041, 0

Roman Smirnov, , 1092, 0

IndyCar. The race in Mid-Ohio and the injustice of the moment

If you give vent to emotions, the Schmidt Peterson team would have had a hard time
Roman Smirnov, , 1039, 0

IndyCar: «lanes» Toronto played a cruel joke with Dixon

Race in Canada kept the audience in suspense right up to the checkered flag.
Roman Smirnov, , 1036, 0

IndyCar. Corn fell oval Mikhail Aleshin like

Russian driver of SMP Racing was the best among drivers in cars with Honda engines
Roman Smirnov, , 1138, 0

IndyCar. Accident Conor Daly «wake up» the riders

Championship leader Simon Pagenaud missed the podium for a few laps before the finish.
Roman Smirnov, , 1234, 2, 0

IndyCar. The sad result of a failed race

Rain on the oval in Texas and a terrible accident prevented to hold the ninth stage of the championship.
Roman Smirnov, , 1349, 0

IndyCar. Bourdais and Power won the race on the «washboard»

Mikhail Aleshin summed up the «long nose» Canaan and failure of seat belts.
Roman Smirnov, , 1985, 0

Indy 500. hundredth race in history ended with a sensation

Alexander Rossi was able to beat the «monster» IndyCar Series almost imperceptibly.
Ksenia Turok, , 566, 0

99 toy cars in the Indy 500

How to collect all the «500 miles of Indianapolis» winning car races together?
Roman Smirnov, , 1767, 0

Indy 500 qualification: Time does not matter

Mikhail Aleshin finished seventh in qualifying in front of the jubilee race, «500 miles of Indianapolis»
Roman Smirnov, , 1417, 0

IndyCar. The French decided the outcome of the battle for the Grand Prix of Indianapolis

On the road configuration «Motor speedway» especially distinguished mechanics and strategy teams.
Roman Smirnov, , 986, 0

IndyCar: Pagenaud victory almost deprived pilots backward in a circle

Judges during the race in Alabama were in no hurry to use the blue flags.
Roman Smirnov, , 863, 0

IndyCar: «Rubber mystic» Phoenix Penske pilots deprived possible victory

Being a leader in oval track racing is not only difficult, but dangerous
Roman Smirnov, , 1354, 1, 0

IndyCar: Drivers clashed in the battle for the «Petersburg»

Mikhail Aleshin has demonstrated excellent results at the start of the season.
Roman Smirnov, , 900, 0

Racing spirit «formulas» lives in IndyCar

Russian driver Mikhail Aleshin returns to the track in the United States after a year break.
Ksenia Turok, , 568, 0

The doping scandal in Brazilian race

Former pilot INDYCAR Rafael Matos removed from the Stock Car racing because of doping.

Ksenia Turok, , 648, 0

Mikhail Aleshin signed INDYCAR

Season INDYCAR-2016 Mikhail Aleshin will team Schmidt Peterson Motorsports.

Max Vershinin, , 565, 0

Road America circuit by IndyCar driver

Pilot James Schmidt Peterson Motorsports Hinchklif released recordings of their races at Road America.