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Yvan Muller leaves the WTCC

The most titled pilot WTCC announced his retirement from racing
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Lopez won ahead of the third title in the WTCC

The forthcoming cancellation stage of the world Turing in Thailand has allowed Jose Maria Lopez to race in Japan early next issue title in a row.
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WTCC. Chilton and Lopez won a victory in Argentina

Argentine stage, who noted two-thirds of the world championship of the WTCC season, was full of all sorts of events — unfortunately mainly negative.
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WTCC. Upside down

At the seventh stage of the World Championship WTCC absolute winners of the last stage — of Lada drivers — have not been able to repeat their success. The situation has changed radically.
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WTCC Russia. Lada Riders defeated rivals

On the home track for the team in Moscow the pilots of the Russian team won a double victory in both races of the weekend.
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WTCC. The scandal goes unnoticed

Conduct global stage Turing on the same weekend as the F1 stage in Monaco and the Indy 500 was foolhardy — to attract attention WTCC championship did not help even the legendary place of the race.
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WTCC in expectation of scandal

The organizers of the world Turing announced the results of the Hungarian and the Moroccan stages of preliminary series — until the investigation is complete, which makes the FIA against Honda team.
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WTCC. Citroen won a double victory in Hungary

Both the first and the second race of the rainy Hungarian weekend won the drivers who spoke at the French brand cars — only in one case it was a «private», and in another factory machine.
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«Happy Hour» world touring

The WTCC championship has a glorious tradition to carry out before the race modest party «for friends»
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WTCC. Lada won the podium

Slovak world stage Turing was full of struggle. At this time the Russian team riders found themselves on the front lines, though missed the victory at the last moment.
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Volvo V60 Polestar became the pace-car WTCC

Swedish brand Volvo with its «charged» versatile V60 Polestar became the official car safety WTCC World Championship.
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WTCC: Lada Sport Rosneft fighters

Named the team Lada Sport Rosneft WTCC 2016 season.

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Win or finish?

The two WTCC world title in a row, including a season-2015. What more could you want?

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The second title of Lopez

Who failed to get into the «Formula 1» Argentine Jose Maria Lopez found himself touring car ring — on the penultimate stage of the World Championship race in the class «turing» (WTCC), he won a second consecutive world title.

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In the WTCC in the Volvo S60

In 2016, at the start of the factory team will WTCC Volvo's racing car, which is based on Volvo S60.

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The secret of the failure of the Citroen drivers

How to spend a two-month break, participants of the world championship WTCC? Citroen — probably on vacation, but their rivals on the course to find a weapon that would allow the French to fight the invincible armada.

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WTCC. The result is known in advance

The track in Porto has its own characteristics: blocking some other participants during qualifying, numerous accidents and «tram» race.

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