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Golden double Ogier

In Sweden, the Volkswagen Motorsport French rider coped with the bad weather, and with rivals — Sebastien won a second victory of the season and went into the lead.

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WRC: Rally Sweden will reduce due to weather

Swedish thaw has made adjustments in the World Rally Championship.

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WRC. Legitimate victory Ogier

The first stage of the World Rally Championship was won by the current champion Sebastien Ogier of the team Volkswagen Motorsport.
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The transition period

This weekend in Monte Carlo will be the first stage of the World Rally Championship in 2016. Championship, which is destined to be the last car category World Rally Car of the current generation.

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World rally-cross. The main disappointment

World Championship rally-cross was the only one where the fate of the title was decided at the last stage of the season. But this intrigue did not last long.

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Triple somersault Citroen

Skip season to break in the WRC without Leba? Citroen have a global plan for WTCC.

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Predictable winner

In this there is some symbolism — the world champion rally starts and finishes the season victories.

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Ogier — the same man!

One single mistake and undefeated Ozhe, which has already been nicknamed «computer» and «robot» appeared quite a man with weaknesses.

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The hijacking of the century: the strange kidnapping

We are completing a cycle of stories about the hijacking of racing cars. And to do this we have decided on the material in our opinion the most bizarre thefts — three abductions modern machines category WRC.

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In the bag?

14-time European champion in rally-cross Kenneth Hansen should tell his eldest son Timmy how is it that you need to win titles.

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World rally-cross: The clouds are gathering over Solberg ...

The world champion on rally-cross the last year and this season's leader Petter Solberg once again faced with a problem — on the Turkish stage World RX Norway failed to reach the final.

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Last tour?

Such a failure by returning to the island of Corsica the French stage of the World Rally Championship was not expecting anyone. It turned out to be louder than a scandal that began to flare up immediately after the finish of the race.

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Stig testing rally cars

Which is better: Audi Sport quattro «80s or modern hot hatch S1?

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Rally Australia: sensations did not expect, but they have occurred

The tenth stage of the World Rally Championship was supposed to give an answer to one question — Will Sebastien Ogier ahead of becoming a world champion by winning, or he'll take the title by finishing the race after their main rivals.

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Rally Germany: rout

Otherwise call what happened during the «Rally Germany,» just can not. Crews Volkswagen factory team made a real defeat of their rivals. And it's a very bad sign...

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Hydrogen Toyota's WRC

He debuted in the WRC hydrogen sedan Toyota Mirai.

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Thousands Rally jumps

Rally Finland — not just the closest to the Russian stage of the World Rally Championship, is also one of the most exciting racing series in the calendar.

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From WRC to Dakar!

One of the most successful pilots WRC — Mikko Hirvonen — to conquer the rally-raid «Dakar» car MINI ALL4.

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WRC: stronger, wider, lighter

The organizers of the World Rally Championship (WRC) have modified the technical regulations. Now sports cars can be wider and lighter, and more powerful.

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An interesting outcome of the race with a boring

The seventh stage of the World Rally Championship — Rally of Poland — has become a unique way to inflame the stunning and exciting race, which ended with a completely predictable and boring result.
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