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Karma Kip Ewing, and not only

The creator of Ford GT supercar became chief engineer Karma Automotive.
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Faraday Ferrari hired top manager

The Chinese startup hired ex-Ferrari team boss in the «Formula 1».
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Smoke without fire: Top Gear

New host Top Gear continue to compare with Jeremy Clarkson and tear apart.
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Top Gear: announce the entire list, please!

Chris Evans, Matt Leblanc and Stig joined four other leading.

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Dolce Vita Top Gear

Being the star of Top Gear is not so simple. This experienced the fate of Chris Evans.

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Hyundai will be the luxurious Lamborghini?

The premium sub-brand Hyundai Motor will be headed by ex-Lamborghini design director Manfred Fitzgerald.

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Two showman, a former pilot and a woman

Publish the final list of the leading Top Gear.

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Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff avtoduel staged in Stuttgart

Non-executive director of the team Mercedes-Benz became friends with the head of Mercedes Motorsport in battle on the racetrack.

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Whether down, or up: from Lamborghini — in the Audi

Lamborghini CEO may be left without a workplace.

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Kenny Marriage became McLaren driver

Kenny Marriage, famous for his crash with an overload in the 214G, was the pilot of McLaren.

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There is no «knobs» to Clarkson

Gear Knobs — this is not the name of the new show by Jeremy Clarkson.

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Dismissed Spencer Meissen

Spencer Meissen, set on the last stage in Brainerd new world speed record in the class Top Fuel, is no longer a pilot team DSR.

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Appetite is Clarkson crisis

They became known to the fees of former leading Top Gear in their new show.

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Batman in the role of Enzo Ferrari

The main role in a film about Enzo Ferrari can perform Batman.

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Rotation of automotive designers

One of the best designers of SEAT goes to Daimler.

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Stig took a job

Stig will attend the auto show on BBC 1.

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36 episodes from Clarkson

Amazon contracted with Jeremy Clarkson and his colleagues for three years.

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Jenson Button, the pilot of McLaren-Honda, change the race for the show Top Gear

To name the co-host Top Gear. Along with Chris Evans will run pilot of McLaren-Honda and the champion of «Formula 1» in 2009 Jenson Button.

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Clarkson took leave of Top Gear at Ferrari

Former leading British TV show Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson drove the last lap of the track in Dunsfold to Ferrari.

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Last lap Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson, with the scandal who was fired from Top Gear, last rode the track supercar chosen for his fans.

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