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The British developed microturbine

Microturbine «ultra-low» to increase the cruising range of electric cars.
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We need more power for BMW!

The BMW Group heading for the development of electric versions 3-Series, X4 crossover and hatchback MINI.
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Audi factory team will go to the «Formula E»

Audi has voiced its intention to act in a racing series with his own team.
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Pininfarina builds serial hypercar water

Design studio Pininfarina launches into series production car at a price of $ 2.5 million.
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The test machine robot race

The organizers of the championship held Roborace test testing training DevBot machine.
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Rain race electric cars is not an obstacle

In the US, American Solar Challenge won sports car Aurum.
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The Audi hunt for bumps

Audi will produce energy with eROT system «out of nothing».
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Track-day not for people

The first track day for cars with autopilot will take place in the UK.
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Ordered Audi S8 for smartphone

Understate suspension Audi S8 is now possible with the help of a smartphone.
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On the sports car BAC Mono graphene changed the carbon

The world's first sports car received the BAC Mono wheel arches of graphene.
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Bentley Bentayga turned inside out

The British company Bentley Motors has published unique photos «electric insides» Bentayga.
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Carbon rods for Lamborghini

Lamborghini will expand the area of ​​use of the carboxylic component.
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Last V8 Audi

Audi refuses to «eight» in favor of hybrid and electric propulsion systems.
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Hybrid Atom

Ariel Atom new generation hybrid technology can get supercar Honda NSX.
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«Air car» with a propeller

Despite the fact that the project looks like a creation of Leonardo da Vinci, a patent owned by Toyota.
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Rotor as a smartphone, only half

The creators of the rotor the size of a smartphone say they just twisted Wankel engine inside.
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Mazda MX-5 from hemp

The American entrepreneur has created a body for Mazda MX-5 based on the hemp.
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Internal combustion engine with a variable amount of ...?

Honda patented engine with pistons of varying heights, which allow you to change the working volume.
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Four BMW turbine like a Bugatti Veyron

BMW engineers have gathered a new engine with a quad-turbocharged.
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PHEA and no camshaft

Koenigsegg and Qoros submitted concept with the innovative engine.