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Lotus is waiting for changes

Negotiations about a new resale British brand.
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Rolls-Royce To wholesale for $ 20 million

Rolls-Royce company completed the largest wholesale order in its history.
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British «ground missile» launch by China

The Chinese owners of the Swedish Volvo project was supported by the British Bloodhound SSC.
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Apple does not buy off McLaren?

McLaren appreciated and called the sum, which will result the deal for Apple.
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Liberty Media buys the «Formula 1» and changes its name

American Liberty Media Corporation has bought 18.7% stake in the group of companies that control F1.
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Solar Corporation Tesla Motors in question

To merge supplier SolarCity solar energy at the Tesla is not enough money.
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Batman Batmobile in search of 73 million rubles went to Moscow

Exclusive car price of 73 million rubles is sent to the Russian capital.
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Drag Strip for sale

For sale complex Accelaquarter Raceway, located in Harrisburg, Illinois.
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Subaru: exceptional throughout. Even at a discounted price

Subaru WRX STI fell in Russian showrooms at 600 thousand rubles.
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«Silverstone» is looking for owner

Porsche has blocked a deal Jaguar Land Rover for the acquisition of the British track.
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City British champions sit behind the wheel of the German BMW i8

The owner of English football club «Leicester City» Vishal Shrivaddanaprabha prized players, won their first national championship, hybrid coupe.
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Defender? No, never!

British billionaire refused to grant the right to revive Defender.
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Billionaire reincarnated Defender

Jim Ratcliffe, whose fortune Forbes estimated at $ 6.2 billion, is in talks with Jaguar Land Rover.
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In the US, sold the very first Shelby Cobra

At the auction bids RM Sotheby's expose the unique Roadster CSX 2000.
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The most expensive car auction

In the US Mecum auction set a record.
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It tracks for sale. Inexpensive, for $ 2.7 million

Hennessey Performance has announced the sale of an airport Lonestar Motorsports Park.
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«Nürburgring», our 99%!

Victor Haritonin became the main owner of the «Nürburgring», in possession of 99% of the track.
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Stig bought Top Gear Tuning

The famous «Stig in Black» from the show Top Gear has become the owner of the network tuning studio TopGear Tuning.
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Buy Porsche in purse

In the Netherlands the opportunity to buy a Porsche in sharing.
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GLONASS to Bentley decree

Russian certification of new models do not like luxury brands.
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Armored Maybach with eBay

Armored Maybach 62S actor Charlie Sheen put up for auction.

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Jaguar Land Rover will move to Silverstone

Silverstone — the most famous British track — can find a new owner.