Ksenia Turok, , 1571, 0

Peugeot: a hundred years later

Peugeot dedicated L500 R Hybrid bolide L45, victorious in 1916 in the race, «500 miles of Indianapolis.»
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Mazda, «just go and build»!

Rotary supercar hypothetically possible.
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Bugatti Galibier is selected in the project

The company's management is going to unfreeze the project, which can become a sensation.
Ksenia Turok, , 2005, 0

Hyundai prototype will show itself on the «Nürburgring»

On marathon «24 Hours Nürburgring» Hyundai says three hatchback — i30, Veloster and the prototype of a hot hatch i30.
Ksenia Turok, , 1575, 0

Pininfarina builds «elektroformulny» sports car

Italian studio Pininfarina is working on a concept car design.
Max Vershinin, , 2419, 0

BMW M2 Coupé überdacht im Geiste der 2002 Turbo

Der Wettbewerb Automobil-Schönheit Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este BMW brachte ein neues Konzept Auto.
Ksenia Turok, , 757, 0

TVR showed chassis

The new sports car brand revived declassify this summer.
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Carbon exclusive under the roof «double bubble»

Aston Martin in collaboration with the coachbuilder Zagato made a concept car.
Max Vershinin, , 1951, 0

Students have created a Volkswagen Golf GTI Heartbeat

At the traditional festival near Lake Wörthersee Volkswagen will show two concept car — Golf GTI Heartbeat and Golf R Variant Performance 35.
Ksenia Turok, , 1845, 0

Porsche will move Lamborghini Huracan and Ferrari 488 GTB

Among developers in Zuffenhausen, this project is called Porsche 960.
Ksenia Turok, , 1023, 0

Mercedes-Benz with an eye to the supercar

The Mercedes-Benz thought about the couple for the coupe GT.
Ksenia Turok, , 1062, 0

Gordon Murray made concept

McLaren F1 creator built for Shell minicar.
Ksenia Turok, , 790, 0

Pininfarina came up with the concepts A, B, C

Three elektrobolida future in the development of tuning studio Pininfarina for Formula E.
Max Vershinin, , 930, 0

Champion «Le Mans» raced at Goodwood

Sports prototype Porsche 919 Hybrid traveled road rise up the hill to the Festival of Speed ​​2015.
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Successor LFA: «one day»

According to leaked information, that day will come in 2019.
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TechRules: there and back

TechRules plans to assemble turbine supercar AT96 / GT96 in the Old World.
Ksenia Turok, , 845, 0

Serial surprise — Opel GT

Opel company can start mass production concept car GT.
Ksenia Turok, , 768, 0

Successor Z4 seen on the frozen lake

Prototype BMW Z4, immured in camouflage Photospies detected during maneuvers on the ice.
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Navara with the GT-R heart

British tuner implemented in the pickup Nissan Navara engine from supercar.
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Subaru: All lies and deceit

Subaru Guide has denied the rumors about the development of mid-engine supercar.
Max Vershinin, , 1020, 0

Tesla Model S P90D get Ludicrous mode

Top version elektrosedana Tesla Model S P90D according to the customer can get the package incredible dynamics.
Ksenia Turok, , 976, 0

New York Stories: Lincoln SUV

At the New York Auto Show, the premiere of a concept SUV Lincoln.
Ksenia Turok, , 737, 0

Aero GT prototype works as a chronograph

French watchmaker Bell & Ross presented a prototype sports car.
Max Vershinin, , 936, 0

C-Class has become a «Rottweiler»

Touring Mercedes-AMG C63 received from tuning studio Piecha Design.
Ksenia Turok, , 917, 0

Revolution in aerodynamics

Americans present at the Beijing Motor Show supercar with incredible aerodynamics.