Ksenia Turok, , 1367, 0

BMW i8 will be twice as powerful

The total capacity of the power plant of new generation i8 will be 750 hp
Ksenia Turok, , 1166, 0

Corvette under the code name «Emperor»

Chevrolet Corvette C8 will be mid-engined and will receive the code name «Emperor».
Ksenia Turok, , 2782, 0

And do not try to turn KERS!

Ferrari prepares hardcore coupe 488 GTB with the KERS system.
Ksenia Turok, , 1249, 0

Faraday Future will launch a series autopilot

Faraday Future start in California street Tests UAV prototype.
Ksenia Turok, , 1095, 0

Triangular Nissan went into the drift

Nissan introduces a new concept version of BladeGlider, thinking of serial production.
Ksenia Turok, , 2271, 0

Bugatti Galibier reminds himself

Half-forgotten concept Galibier can pretend to be the fastest in the luxury segment.
Ksenia Turok, , 1413, 0

Black Mamba: Malta arrives electric tricycle

Valene Motors is about to enter the car market with a three-wheeled electric car Black Mamba.
Ksenia Turok, , 1300, 0

X-Wing Carship style fighter «Star Wars»

Manufacturer Hot Wheels toy cars prepared a prototype vehicle.
Ksenia Turok, , 2712, 0

Electric Tesla walked around the van and Ferrari

The company published a video Atieva quite remarkable dregovogo arrival.
Ksenia Turok, , 1033, 0

Maps closer to lawn mowers

Bosch is in conjunction with the FIA ​​develops electric karts.
Ksenia Turok, , 1252, 0

Mahindra brand Pininfarina against Tesla

Mahindra & Mahindra is thinking to create an electric supercar.
Ksenia Turok, , 1193, 0

Up the secret materials: a mid-prototype

The network has spy shots mid-engine supercar General Motors.
Ksenia Turok, , 1801, 0

Porsche engineers know Tesla inside

Porsche preparing to release an electric sports car, and are looking at competitors.
Ksenia Turok, , 1271, 0

Cosmos Atieva begins testing

Electric supercar to debut in 2018.
Ksenia Turok, , 1236, 0

Maserati prepare Tesla rival

Maserati Company preparing a 2019 debut of the electric sports car.
Ksenia Turok, , 886, 0

The world's fastest convertible

At Le Mans debut the most powerful and fastest four-seater convertible.
Ksenia Turok, , 774, 0

Audi SQ2 withdrew camouflage

Photospies prototype caught testing on the Nurburgring.
Ksenia Turok, , 725, 0

At Pikes Peak — by elektrosuperkare

Acura will assault the Pikes Peak on the electric supercar, the NSX.
Ksenia Turok, , 1539, 0

11 concepts for Pininfarina

Students of European art schools painted the future of cars.
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In the streets of Michigan — on autopilot

Company Faraday Future is going to conduct the test with autopilot street cars.
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What word would call Toyota Supra?

The Japanese company again registered as the Supra brand everywhere.
Ksenia Turok, , 704, 0

Aston Martin. Now DBZ

The British brand has patented the name of the new supercar.
Ksenia Turok, , 786, 0

Hot hatch with active aerodynamics from Hyundai

Hyundai built a mid-engined hatchback RM16 N and showed it at the Motor Show in Korea.
Ksenia Turok, , 1408, 0

According to two people per hypercar Aston Martin

Aston Martin presents a new hypercar this summer.
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BMW: the emergence of «eight» is inevitable

The Bavarian company will take over for the 8-Series, but Gran Turismo.