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Trezor, Renault show car

It appeared the first teaser of the new Renault concept car.
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At Spa emerged Onroak Automotive prototype

Designers Onroak Automotive presented a prototype LMP2 category.
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There was a teaser of the first hot-hatch Hyundai

Hyundai has released a teaser, heralding the emergence of the first «charged» hatchback.
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«Sunny» sports car built in Australia

In Australia, working on serial sports car on solar batteries.
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The first photos of Aston Martin DB11 with a soft roof

The company Aston Martin has published photos of the prototype with a closed roof and camouflage.
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And Porsche will be electric

Porsche is no worse than its competitors.
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Volkswagen — the founder of the electronic family

The German company is preparing to debut a fundamentally new electric hatchback.
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Porsche Panamera is preparing to be a generalist

Panamera Premiere station wagon will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2017.
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Peugeot prototype tests for the «Dakar»

Peugeot has built a new prototype for the rally-raids.
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Photospies spotted Corvette C8

The network has spy shots of the new supercar Chevrolet.
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A vacuum cleaner in addition to the Ariel Atom

Company Ariel presented a concept car Aero-P Atom with extreme aerodynamics.
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New Toyota Supra dressed in camouflage

Photospies caught in viewfinders reborn sports car Toyota Supra.
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Dodge Challenger will receive a four-wheel drive

The company is preparing a Dodge first serial-wheel drive modification Challenger.
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Do not need a Mercedes-Benz dashboard

Hypercar prototype will be shown to the public at September's Paris Motor Show.
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VIP-concept from Poland

Varsovia Motor Company published a picture of the prototype hybrid premium.
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Hypercar Mercedes-Benz engine will receive from F1

AMG division in 2017 will mark the fiftieth anniversary.
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Coupe C120: waiting for a new chapter

The company Caterham leaves no plans to make the C120 coupe serial.
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Supercar from China with Italian flavor

Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio released the first Chinese supercar Techrules.
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Mazda RX-9: a long way in a series of

New Mazda RX still appear before the public at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019.
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Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1 is going to take off

At least now Targa has a large rear wing.
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Rustling package for the coupe M4

BMW has released a prototype of a new road on the M4 coupe-style Competition Sport.
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Inferno supercar Mexicans — in series

Mexico 1400 strong hypercar The Inferno waiting for small-scale production.
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BMW beat comic date in its history

BMW company has prepared another concept car, in comic form having beaten another significant date in its history.
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McLaren on every day at Pebble Beach

McLaren introduced a special modification of his «everyday» supercar — 570GT.
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Mercedes-Benz Maybach hints at

Mercedes-Benz on his Facebook page posted a teaser coupe with the logo of Maybach.