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Time-attack: get off at the Moscow Raceway

Last weekend during the amateur championship on time-attac MaxPowerCars set a new record at the circuit Moscow Raceway.
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«Green Hell»: 29 Euro — Circle

Season is open, it is time to act! To help all fans of fast driving a little reminder about how to behave in the most difficult and dangerous road in the world — Nürburgring.
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Techno Classica Essen: Sale!

In Germany, it hosted the annual Motor Show, where it was possible to get away with empty pockets and key from classic cars.
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Basil Gryazin: «The hospital is the rally»

Young, but already well-known in Russia and abroad rally driver Vasily Gryazin, after an accident, for a time changed the racing shoes to slippers and crutches. But for an enthusiastic person and it is not a hindrance, to get behind the wheel of the car.

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MaxPowerCars: RAF is in Time attack?

If you have the desire, you can get behind the wheel, even on crutches, and if there is the will to win, you can update the track record!

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Frankfurt history: the first eight cars

Why is the first auto show held in the hotel? Why the pharmacy to queue gasoline? On this and many other things in the history of the emergence of the Frankfurt motor show.

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Return the summer, or 100 cars on the mountain

It's cold and cloudy? Come in the summer and at the same time see what was in Moscow — a 3-day festival «AvtoMartShou.»

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«Spa 24 Hours»: a burger as a reward!

They started in the rain, they passed «Hello» rivals, but in spite of that they were able to finish in the endurance race — «Spa 24 Hours.»